Life is full of choices.  I ponder that sometimes while I am sitting at a red-light in town getting ready to turn left for home – but, what would my life be like if I turned right? That is a seemingly small choice to make, but it would affect my life.  If I turned right, maybe I would get a flat tire, pick up a hitch-hiker, or decide to go to Starbucks on the next corner and meet Mr. Right…well, you get the idea.
As artists we all have to make choices every day.  We stare at a blank canvas and visualize a finished piece of art.  For the un-artistic, this seems overwhelming.  But to us, it’s just another day’s work!

For example: 

  • What subject to paint?
  • How to compose that subject on the canvas?
  • What shapes to use?
  • What colors to use?
  • What technique to use?
  • When is it finished?
  • How to frame it or not?
  • How much to charge?
  • Etc…….! 

Inspirational turn of the century artist, Robert Henri said, ‘there is a close connection between art and life’.  And choosing our attitude helps determine our successes each day.  I have a bulletin board in my studio where I thumb-tack ideas and inspirations. Today, I came across an old snip-it from a magazine that expresses the above ideas.  It is especially relevant in light of the economic challenges we all are facing.  I hope gives you some extra encouragement.


How are you greeting each day?  Is it with an attitude of expectation and confidence?  Or do you rise with a sense of depression and dread?  You have a choice.  And as the day unfolds, there are more choices, moment by moment.  The day is an empty canvas.  The shapes and colors the canvas gives back to you will be the shapes and colors you put there.  The shapes and colors are yours to choose.

You can see through the eyes of hope or the eyes of despair.  You can make music with your laughter, or you can call down thundershowers with your tears.  You can build or you can destroy.  You can experience abundance or poverty.  You can love, or you can hate.  The choices are there, each minute, each hour.  There is no neutral ground.  Each moment makes its demand on you as you paint away on the canvas that is your life.  Every thought, every mood is a conscious choice. 

  Choose well-  Lori