Landscape Painting Workshop in Seeley Lake, Montana with Lori McNee! June 6-7, 2020

Join me, Lori McNee, for a two day plein air landscape painting workshop adventure in beautiful Seeley Lake, …

Landscape Painting Workshop in Seeley Lake, Montana with Lori McNee! June 6-7, 2020

Join me, Lori McNee, for a two day plein air landscape painting workshop adventure in beautiful Seeley Lake, Montana!

You won't want to miss this exclusive experience! We will be plein air landscape painting together at Rich Ranch in Seeley Lake, Montana - the gateway to the glorious Bob Marshall Wilderness.

Lori and Rocky at the end of a weeklong Rich Ranch pack trip in the Bob Marshall Wilderness, August 2019
Rich Ranch pastures

Rich Ranch and Alpine Artisans of Western Montana have invited me to conduct a special, very affordable two-day workshop, June 6 - 7, 2020.

Space is limited so sign up now!

Join us for a two-day springtime painting adventure! You will experience "Montana's Serengeti" in the spectacular Blackfoot Valley.

The stunning landscape is home to a wide variety of watchable wildlife including elk, deer, moose, bear, mountain goat, trumpeter swans alongside a large variety of other birds, and more!

Plus, the Rich Ranch meadows will be dotted with horses and dazzling wildflowers. Experience the beauty of spring in Montana.

Lori plein air painting near Rich Ranch last August, 2019

Alpine Artisans is a non-profit dedicated to promoting and preserving the arts in the Seeley, Swan, and Blackfoot valleys of Western Montana. Their motto, "We Paint. We help young artists DREAM."  Alpine Artisans host working professional instructors to teach and inspire artists of any level.

I am honored to help support the arts in Western Montana! I hope you can join us for, Painting For A Dream!

Spend two days “at the Ranch” and it will give you a lifetime of inspiration!

  • WHO: All levels beginner to professional welcome.
    Painting For A Dream: 2-Day Resident Art Workshop with INTERNATIONALLY acclaimed instructor, Lori McNee. Lori will also be available to answer your art business questions.
    WHEN:  Saturday and Sunday / June 6 & 7, 2020
    WHERE: Rich Ranch in Seeley Lake, Montana
    WHY: To support aspiring artists with a dream!
    HOW MUCH: $250.00 for two days. Includes lunch and snacks.

*Limited to 10 participants. Lodging and other meals are separate, Rich Ranch details below.

Click here for more information & sign up!

For any additional workshop information or questions call Kris at 406-241-1209.

*Cozy cabin rentals available at Rich Ranch. Contact Belinda Rich directly at 406-677-2317.

Lori with her friend, Kirsty, at Rich Ranch!

pop-up art gallery

Staying Relevant: The Pop-Up Art Gallery

Easels Under the Big Sky

Nowadays, successful art galleries are thinking outside the box - or gallery. Such is the case with the successful Missoula, Montana based art gallery, Dana Gallery.

pop up art gallery
Candace Crosby, Dudley Dana, Lori McNee

Each summer, Dana Gallery strategically travels to affluent mountain towns and converts empty retail shops into pop-up art galleries.
Awarded the distinction of Missoula's top art gallery, Dana Gallery was founded in 1996. Co-owners and husband and wife team, Candace Crosby and Dudley Dana, are accustomed to creative marketing. "Montana is a large state with seasonal clientele," states Candace, "we think of the pop-up as marketing." 
Last week, I was one of 12 artists who participated in the gallery's successful, Easels Under the Big Sky, Montana plein air painting event.
Candace and Dudley chose a perfect location between popular restaurants and retailers. The empty space had once been a framer's shop, complete with lighting and plenty of exhibition walls.
pop up art gallery
Setting up the 'pop-up' art gallery

Banners and posters announcing the 4-day event were hung around town. During the four days, the artists were expected to bring studio pieces and then paint plein air (outdoor painting on location) scenes of their choice - I even spent a day painting in beautiful Yellowstone National Park.
artist painting in yellowstone
Lori painting in Yellowstone

The nationally recognized artists together with the temporary pop-up art gallery created a sense of urgency and a buzz around Big Sky and the surrounding area. The event culminated with a gallery exhibition, and artists' reception that showcased the fresh plein air paintings. Local art enthusiasts and tourists traveled from near and far to buy art - I sold 7 paintings within the first hour!
pop up art gallery
The trend of pop-up retail shops, or flash retailing has evolved into a useful tool for both landlords, real estate companies and proprietors. Some of the biggest brands including Target, Kate Spade, Diane Von Furstenberg, and Gucci have used pop-up shops as part of their campaigns.
Short term leases for events like Easels Under the Big Sky help to revitalize neighborhoods in a down economy, and offer unique branding opportunities for both the gallery and its artists. It's a lot of work, a lot of fun, and worth the effort.
You can also find me on Twitterand Google Plus, Pinterestand join in the fun at Fine Art Tips Facebook Fan Page! Please checkout my art too, or find me on Instagram lorimcneeartist. ~Lori
PS. You might like to see this video I made in Yellowstone...from the safety of my truck!

Heading to "Icons of the West" in Montana

Today, I am heading up the road to Montana for the second annual "Icons of the West" juried exhibition at Dana Gallery in Missoula.
The show features artists from across the country displaying their unique interpretations of Western Icons.
I am pleased to announce that my oil painting, "Fleeting Summer", will be among the selected works of art to be featured, and for sale in this exhibition that opens on June 1, 2012 and closes August 31, 2012. Tonight is the artists' reception and awards ceremony, and I am looking forward to mingling with the gallery staff, patrons, and artists. I hope to see some of you there!
For more information about my painting or the Icons of the West show, please contact Dana Gallery (406) 721-3154.
If you'd like to see more of my paintings, please visit