Here’s my best fine art tip for traveling with wet oil paintings! 🎨

Paint Tuscany with Lori McNee - Italy Workshop

While teaching a plein air painting workshop in Italy, I discovered a simple way to safely transport and travel with wet oil paintings. I’ve been transporting wet plein air paintings this way ever since.

In fact, I’ll use this same technique for transporting wet paintings home from South Africa later this summer.

Here’s how… (but watch the IG Reel below and it will all make sense!)

  1. Cut a wine cork into four penny sized pieces
  2. Add one slice to each corner of the wet painting
  3. Gently place another painting face-down on top of the cork pieces. This should look like a thin sandwich.
  4. Use blue painter’s tape and wrap to secure all four corners of the paintings. Viola!

You can also use those silicone plastic dots, but wine corks seem more romantic to me! 😆

***Place your precious little painting bundle somewhere safe like in your carryon luggage. When you get home you may have to touch up the edges of these gems. But, this tip works great (especially for plane or backpacking travels) and cuts down on the bulk! Also, when traveling I use the lightweight #109 linen panels by Multimedia Artboard. And of course I paint sovent-free with Cobra Oil Paint which makes life and travel so much easier!


PS. I just had a cancelation for my South Africa Painting Safari! And I have a few spaces available for my upcoming Idaho painting retreat. Let me know if you would like to join us. Click Here for more info.


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