Space is a premium in a small studio and every square inch counts. That’s precisely why I was excited to find a fellow artist’s space-saving wall easel on Instagram – a clever solution that will help revolutionize your small art studio.

This innovative space-saving wall easel doesn’t just save floor space; it brings flexibility and stability to any artist’s workspace. I’m eager to share with you all…

Meet the Artist

Gregory Erway is known for historical paintings, inspired by his love of the Great Plains where he was born and raised.

Gregory’s approach to artistry is reflected not only in his work but also in his studio setup.

Inspired by the need to optimize his limited painting space, he designed an easel that addresses common limitations often found in traditional designs.

The Challenge in the Studio

Gregory’s studio was short on space, and regular easels weren’t practical. They hogged floor space and only handled one canvas at a time, with limited vertical adjustability —unless you shelled out for an expensive model, which still wasn’t perfect.

Gregory’s Wall Easel Solution

To tackle this, Gregory adapted the time-tested French cleat system to art. This approach uses horizontally placed wood strips on the wall, each cut at a 45-degree angle, offering a dependable grip for canvas mounts.

It’s a system that’s both old in concept, but fairly new when used in application as a studio wall easel.

How It Works

Installation: Wood strips are mounted 6 inches apart on the wall. Their angled cuts make a secure, slidable support for canvases.

Canvas Mounting: Matching angled blocks, attached to canvas stretchers or boards, lock into place on the wall strips, allowing for easy adjustment and multiple pieces on display.

*Don’t miss Gregory’s IG reel at the end of this post!

The Wall Easel Advantage

This method not only saves on floor space but also expands creative flexibility!

This space-saving wall easel allows the artist to move their artwork up, down, and side-to-side with ease.

It supports multiple canvases, fostering a more dynamic and adaptable creative workflow.

DIY Potential

While mitering wood requires precision, a table saw makes it manageable.

Don’t have one? A local woodshop or a handy friend might lend a hand.

After the cuts, assembly is straightforward, making this a viable project for artists at any DIY skill level.

Closing Reflections

Gregory’s inventive spirit shines in his studio from the space-saving wall easel to the canvas. His art blends vibrant colors and varied techniques to animate the spirit of the Great Plains.

Just as his subjects take on a life of their own, so does his easel – it’s a testament to his belief that art thrives where tradition meets innovation.