Conquiring Mental Illness Through ArtContrary to popular belief, mental illness can be overcome through art. Artist David Sandum is a shining example of this. In his new book, “I’ll Run Till The Sun Goes Down,” David shares an intimate journey of courage, self-discovery, and awakening the artist within.

We’ve all heard how artists suffer for their art, but undeniably some art is created from suffering. According to The Stanford Journal of Neuroscience, contradiction of the genius who creates great artwork despite (or because of) mental illness has been part of Western legend for thousands of years.
Since the days of Plato, the ‘tortured artist’ has long been the subject of myth and legend. Examples range from depressed actors, self-destructive musicians, suicidal writers, to tortured artists, all who suffer for their art.
Many prominent artists in history have struggled with depression. David seems to find comfort with them. In fact, David filled his book with the works of Van Gogh, and Munch, plus other kindred spirits who have inspired him, as well as samples of his own drawings and paintings.
Poetically written, David’s emotionally charged paintings are perfectly placed within the pages to illustrate his poignant words.
Conquering Mental Illness Through Art
David’s brave story recounts his struggle with debilitating mental illness while juggling treatment, and the demands of family life. Unwilling to give up, David Sandum’s art is his fervent desire to find balance and understanding.

david sandum
David and Lori

Some of you may know David, founder of the internationally acclaimed #TwitterArtExhibit. This popular social media initiative enlists artists to help raise funds for local charities.
Nearly a decade ago, I met David on Twitter. We were fast friends, supporting each other in the world of art and in life.
Over the years, David has been a caring friend during some challenging times in my life. But, this is David’s motto – to help others, and to give back.
It was a great thrill to finally meet David last summer while on his book tour. He drove 5 hours out of his way to stop by my studio for a quick visit! (Did I mention David lives in Norway and I live in Idaho?!) We enjoyed talking about art, and both of our newly published books. 
He brought me a special gift – I was able to select one of his beautiful etchings. It was a tough decision, but I chose the one entitled, “I’m Leaving.” It is a story of strength, and overcoming fear which resonated with me. Conquering Mental Illness Through Art
True to David’s giving nature, his book is a rare and inspiring gift to those who are struggling with mental illness, and for their loved ones. It is available on Amazon.
This little blog post is my gift to David. I hope you consider reading his brave story. ~Lori 🙂