Simplify Outdoor Landscape Painting with Lori McNee

Visit beautiful Sun Valley, Idaho with a fun two-day outdoor landscape painting workshop. Kneeland Gallery presents, "Simplify Outdoor Landscape Painting with Lori McNee."

Sun Valley is the perfect setting for outdoor landscape painting (aka. plein air painting). Voted North America's #1 Resort Three Years in a Row, Sun Valley is also home to Lori McNee!

Reserve your spot! Call Kneeland Gallery >>> (208)726-5512

Hosted by Kneeland Gallery, this year's workshop will be sponsored by Royal Talens North America! Since 1899, royal Talens has been known for quality fine art brands such as Cobra, Amsterdam, Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Bruynzeel, and more.


Lori's workshop on July 31-August 1 sets the stage for Kneeland Gallery's annual plein air paint-out and exhibition on August 2-4, where nationally acclaimed artists gather and paint. It's a perfect opportunity to watch top artists in the field and sharpen your painting skills.

Lori McNee painting in Sun Valley with Cobra Oil Paints. Lori is a Royal Talens Ambassador Artist.

The Details:

  • Sponsored by Royal Talens North America!
  • We will be painting beautiful Rocky Mountain landscapes in nearby locations.
  • We will visit Lori's Ketchum/Sun Valley home studio!
  • We will visit Kneeland Gallery to view and discuss the new plein-air paintings by Nationally renowned artists!
  • Discover Lori's simple approach to painting the landscape using a limited palette.
  • $325 per person
  • Open to ALL LEVELS
  • For oil painters and gouache painters.
  • More details coming soon!


Reserve your spot! Call Kneeland Gallery to SIGN UP>>> (208)726-5512

View from Bald Mountain, Sun Valley!
A moody day up Trailcreek in Sun Valley


Charming Oil Paintings on Watercolor Postcards

Recently, on Instagram I shared the unveiling or ‘un-taping’ of my four little 4x6 oil paintings on watercolor postcards.

I have always loved painting miniatures, especially while en plein air! But, it was really fun doing this small studio series.

All were painted with Cobra water-mixable oils on Strathmore watercolor postcards which I found at my local art store. I often paint on oil paper and love it too, but these postcards are so handy!

But, here's a word of caution - when painting with oils you MUST GESSO THE WATERCOLOR POSTCARDS! Otherwise with time, the oil paints will eat through the watercolor paper. The gesso will protect the paper.

It's easy to do. First, use Painter's Tape and carefully tape the edges of the postcards to a larger rigid surface. I just used a canvas panel. Then, paint on two layers of acrylic gesso to protect the 140lb watercolor postcard paper so they are archival. Once the gesso is dry you can paint with oil paints!

The fun part of the process is peeling off the tape to reveal the little oil painting jewels. I also realized I accidentally painted mine upside down on the postcards, haha. Oh well, I wasn't planning on mailing them anyway.

It will all make sense after you watch my Instagram Reel at the end of this post...

PS. If you want to film your art or craft projects, you might like this new light I discovered - the Uniqu Light. It's a simple way to make videos with your cell phone. I was pleased with my first time results!

Check it out here: (BTW, I paid more for mine! :-/ )

I hope you enjoy my Reel and give oil painting on postcards a try!


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The 7 Most Influential Landscape Artists and their Paintings

The following seven painters are considered by many to be the most influential landscape artists in history. They paved the way for art as we know it today. These important artists have influenced painters and even landscape photographers of the 21st century.

In this article, we share with you seven of the best-known landscape artists in history to inspire your next piece of landscape art.

1. Vincent van Gogh

Perhaps the most famous on our list, Dutch-born, Vincent van Gogh played a major role in the Post-Impressionist movement and Western art. Known throughout the art world as one of the greatest landscape artists, Van Gogh spent the greater part of his life in the French countryside surrounded by nature.

He was inspired by his surroundings creating such works as "The Starry Night" (1889). Using bold colors he created thousands of pieces in just 10 short years. He laid the foundations for modern artists today. Sadly he passed away at the young age of 37 after suffering from mental illness for most of his life.

2. Claude Monet

French-born influential landscape artist, Claude Monet led the French Impressionist movement. So much so the word "Impressionism" was actually coined by Monet when he painted Sunrise of 1872. He is best known for his oil paintings "The Series of Water Lilies"(1920-1926) that fill a wall from floor to ceiling and were inspired by his time spent in Giverny.

Just like Van Gogh, nature played a major influence in his landscape paintings and Impressionist style. His work still captivates audiences today, especially through his use of pastels and the effects of light and color.

3. John Constable

Following Romantic tradition, British artist John Constable emphasized individualism using nature and emotion. Mostly inspired by the landscape surrounding his home in Dedham Vale, his paintings are still some of the most prized in British art.

Instead of following in his father's footsteps, he quit the family business and attended the Royal Academy Schools in 1799. Painters today regard him as the artist who revolutionized landscape paintings. His most recognizable title is "The Hay Wain"(1821).

4. Thomas Cole

Thomas Cole was an Anglo-American painter known for his landscape and historical paintings. He also founded The Hudson River School which played a major role in developing the landscape movement of the 19th century.

His most well-known painting is "The Oxbow"(1835). His school would go onto inspire a generation of American landscape painters through its romantic style that celebrated contemplation in nature and plein air painting. The name of the school was derived from its location in the Hudson River Valley.

5. Camille Pissarro

Well known as the “Dean of the Impressionist painters” in France, Camille Pissarro was an important figure within the movement of landscape painting. His landscapes often depicted peasants and changing seasons while focusing on beautiful lighting.

He would later become friends with artists like Edgar Degas and Claude Monet while he developed his own Neo-Impressionist style. He would go on to exhibit his most famous works in Paris including "The Boulevard Montmartre at Night"(1897).

6. Paul Cézanne

Like Monet, Paul Cézanne was born in France and paved the way for radical 20th-century art. He enjoyed combining 20th-century Cubism with 19th century Impressionism techniques. He influenced many other famous landscape artists including Pablo Picasso. His father was a prominent banker, and he was expected to follow in his footsteps but instead, he ran away to Paris to study painting.

Like many other artists, he suffered from mental illness and had difficulties completing school. During his lifetime his work was misunderstood and disliked. It wasn't until after his death that he became one of the most world-renowned landscape artists of his time. You will recognize his painting of the "Large Bathers"(1898).

7. Caspar David Friedrich

Landscape painter Caspar David Friedrich was born in 1774 in Germany. He is still considered one of the most important landscape artists to come out of Germany. Some of his favorite subjects were Gothic ruins, night skies, and early-morning light.

Like many of the other influential landscape artists on our list, he enjoyed painting nature and blending in allegories to tell stories in his works. If you look closely, you will find tiny figures painted into many of his still-life landscapes. His works didn't become popular until after his death.


Hopefully you enjoyed our list of the 7 most influential landscape artists in history! Indeed there are other important landscape painters who didn't make this list. But these gentlemen broke the social norms during their time which helped us to find our own creative expressions today. Maybe they have inspired you to try your hand at your own artistic talents.

If you don’t feel you are a very talented painter you can apply these same techniques to landscape photography. Many nature photographers use these same ideas with a camera!

Springtime Plein Air Painting Speed Demo with Lori McNee

Here's a little springtime plein air painting speed demo!

After working indoors in my studio for most of the long winter, I was excited to get outside for some plein air painting. But, springtime in the Idaho Rocky Mountains can be blustery and difficult for plein air painting. Nevertheless, I went out and did my best amidst high winds and chilly temperatures.

I hope you enjoy a quick visit in my studio and out in the field for some plein air landscape painting. As usual, I painted with my Cobra water mixable oils which really help keep things easier. In the 2 minute video demo below you can see my process.

I hope you enjoy the first of my new video series, "Lately from Lori."


Happy Little Accidents

In art and in life, we hopefully learn from our happy little accidents.

Have you ever finished a painting and then accidentally dropped it and damaged it? This recently happened to me. A while back, I was putting the finishing touches on a new little 6x6 oil painting, Evening Sky.

©2020 Lori McNee, "Evening Sky" 5x7, oil on linen

Luckily, this 'happy little accident' actually ended up helping the painting! The finished painting had flopped off my easel and into piles of cadmium red and yellow. I did my best to wipe and scrape off the unwanted paint, but I was unable to remove it all. To my surprise, the invasive cadmiums actually warmed up the sky and made the painting even better! A happy little accident for sure!

You can watch how I fixed the painting in this Instagram video.

Landscape Painting Workshop in Seeley Lake, Montana with Lori McNee! June 6-7, 2020

Join me, Lori McNee, for a two day plein air landscape painting workshop adventure in beautiful Seeley Lake, Montana!

You won't want to miss this exclusive experience! We will be plein air landscape painting together at Rich Ranch in Seeley Lake, Montana - the gateway to the glorious Bob Marshall Wilderness.

Lori and Rocky at the end of a weeklong Rich Ranch pack trip in the Bob Marshall Wilderness, August 2019
Rich Ranch pastures

Rich Ranch and Alpine Artisans of Western Montana have invited me to conduct a special, very affordable two-day workshop, June 6 - 7, 2020.

Space is limited so sign up now!

Join us for a two-day springtime painting adventure! You will experience "Montana's Serengeti" in the spectacular Blackfoot Valley.

The stunning landscape is home to a wide variety of watchable wildlife including elk, deer, moose, bear, mountain goat, trumpeter swans alongside a large variety of other birds, and more!

Plus, the Rich Ranch meadows will be dotted with horses and dazzling wildflowers. Experience the beauty of spring in Montana.

Lori plein air painting near Rich Ranch last August, 2019

Alpine Artisans is a non-profit dedicated to promoting and preserving the arts in the Seeley, Swan, and Blackfoot valleys of Western Montana. Their motto, "We Paint. We help young artists DREAM."  Alpine Artisans host working professional instructors to teach and inspire artists of any level.

I am honored to help support the arts in Western Montana! I hope you can join us for, Painting For A Dream!

Spend two days “at the Ranch” and it will give you a lifetime of inspiration!

  • WHO: All levels beginner to professional welcome.
    Painting For A Dream: 2-Day Resident Art Workshop with INTERNATIONALLY acclaimed instructor, Lori McNee. Lori will also be available to answer your art business questions.
    WHEN:  Saturday and Sunday / June 6 & 7, 2020
    WHERE: Rich Ranch in Seeley Lake, Montana
    WHY: To support aspiring artists with a dream!
    HOW MUCH: $250.00 for two days. Includes lunch and snacks.

*Limited to 10 participants. Lodging and other meals are separate, Rich Ranch details below.

Click here for more information & sign up!

For any additional workshop information or questions call Kris at 406-241-1209.

*Cozy cabin rentals available at Rich Ranch. Contact Belinda Rich directly at 406-677-2317.

Lori with her friend, Kirsty, at Rich Ranch!

Landscape Painting Workshop in Sun Valley, Idaho with Lori McNee & Royal Talens NA

Plein air landscape painters, I’m so excited to announce a very special summer plein air painting workshop in my own beautiful hometown, Sun Valley, Idaho!

Lori McNee in her Sun Valley studio with

"Last Light" 60x40

oil on canvas

AUGUST 17-21, 2020

Join my amazing sponsors, Royal Talens North America and me, for a week of plein air painting in the majestic Idaho Rocky Mountains.

Royal Talens North America has generously offered to co-host this special 5 day workshop and they will also be attending! "Home base" will be at my newly built art studio and the surrounding Sun Valley area. I am thrilled to share it with you. (Click here to read about me, Lori McNee)

Open to all levels, we have a fun-filled, informative week planned ahead. Traditional oil, water-mixable oil, acrylic and gouache painters are welcome.  I will be painting with Cobra solvent-free oils. This would be a great time for you to try, "Solvent-free with Lori McNee!"

Reserve your spot now! BUY NOW $350 Non-Refundable deposit.

Each day, I will guide you through simplified steps to create a successful landscape painting. You will be taught an approach that will help you create your own successful paintings.

Here are some of the things YOU WILL LEARN:

  • 5 days filled with studio & outdoor instruction and demonstrations.
  • How to organize your painting palette.
  • The benefits of a limited palette.
  • Understanding a split-primary palette.
  • How to create thumbnail sketches and value studies.
  • How to mix beautiful colors.
  • How to build a successful painting with strong design and composition.
  • How to develop the point of interest in your painting.
  • The use of edges, interesting brushwork and texture.
  • How to create atmosphere and mood in your paintings.
  • The interplay between warm and cool colors.
  • The pros and cons of using reference photos.
  • And more!

DAILY ITINERARY (subject to change)


  • 9AM Morning Breakfast Reception at Lori's Studio
  • 10AM Classroom Instruction
  • 12:30PM Box Lunch Provided
  • 1:30-5PM Painting Excursion to one of Sun Valley's iconic areas
  • 7PM Pizza Dinner at Lori's House


  • All Day Painting Field Trip to Redfish Lake and Stanley, Idaho
  • NOON Lunch Dutch Treat
  • 5PM Return to Sun Valley
  • Free Evening
  • Optional Evening Painting
Redfish Lake


  • 9AM - 1PM Painting Excursion
  • 1PM Lunch Break/Free Time
  • 3PM Sun Valley Association Gallery Tour with Lori (visit our world class art galleries!)
  • 5PM - 6:30PM Private Reception at Kneeland Gallery (hors d'oeuvres and cocktails provided)
  • Free Evening
  • Optional Evening Painting


  • 9AM All Day Painting Excursion to a beautiful location near Sun Valley
  • NOON Box Lunch Provided
  • 4PM Return to SV
  • Break
  • 7PM Dinner BBQ at Lori’s


  • 9AM - 2PM Painting Excursion Half Day near Sun Valley
  • 2PM Break
  • 7PM Royal Talens North America Farewell Dinner (TBD)

Please click the images below to enlarge the beautiful photos of the Sun Valley area...

Boulder Lake near Sun Valley, Idaho

*Sun Valley, Idaho is a famous resort town, “Where the winters bring you and the summers keep you!”  The name is Sun Valley for a good reason. We have an average of 250 days of sunshine a year! Most people associate “Sun Valley” with world-class skiing, but summer is our best kept secret! Lonely Planet calls Sun Valley, Idaho an idyllic playground, a “rugged land of crenelated mountains, and cascading rives that harbors more wilderness than anywhere in the Lower 48.”

I look forward to showing your around my Sun Valley Idahome! ~Lori

Cost: $675 per person (Please read Terms & Conditions)
Non-Refundable deposit:$350
Cost: $575 for returning students who have joined me on an International workshop

Balance due of $325: May 15, 2020 

Reserve your spot now! Limited space is available. (Your deposit affirms your acceptance of the Terms & Conditions)  Questions? email  

*Travel Logistics:

Questions? email  

A few testimonials:

"Lori is a great teacher and gives every student individual attention. She’s so good at bringing out each painters personal style.
I highly advise signing up early because her past students might fill up next years workshops before anyone else get a chance lol." Romona Youngquist

"I honestly could not have imagined a better beginning to my learning to oil paint journey! Lori is a wonderful talent and wonderfully passionate about painting! More importantly her enthusiastic, positive teaching style and her wonderful communication skills create such a great learning/growing painting environment for all skill levels! highly recommend the experience and certainly hope to attend many more of Lori’s workshops in my plein air painting future!" Chris Staurovsky

"Lori is a gracious and talented teacher who shares everything she knows. This has been a life changing experience.” ~Harmony Kellogg

“The most incredible workshop class I have ever taken! I have learned so much including composition and value. Every minute of this trip was enjoyable.” ~Linda Thompson

Golden moment

On My Way to OPA (Oil Painters of America National Exhibition 2019)

Tomorrow I will be heading down to St George, Utah for the Oil Painters of America National Exhibition.

I am pleased to announce, my painting, "Golden Moment" 24x36, oil on linen, was selected to be a part of this prestigious juried exhibition.

Golden Moment was inspired by an early winter evening along the Bigwood River in Sun Valley, Idaho. I was driving past this scene and was captivated by the play of warms and cool colors within the winter landscape. I loved painting the jaxapositioning of the temperature shifts which helped make my painting glow.

I hope to see some of you in Utah this week! ~Lori :)

Easy Steps to Painting an Urban Landscape

Easy Steps to Painting an Urban Landscape or Cityscape

Painting buildings in an urban landscape is intimidating for many artists. Finding the right scene can be overwhelming. The different angles and perspective of the buildings, the busy streets, the many colors, how do we simplify it into a believable cityscape?

In the following post, award winning artist Scott W. Prior shares his Easy Steps to Painting an Urban Landscape or Cityscape. A native of California, Scott knows how to simplify the busy city streets into a compelling composition and work of art. I first met Scott at the Plein Air Convention where his bold approach toward painting makes him a crowd pleaser.
In his own words, Scott shares his simple in progress steps to painting a complex cityscape. Here is the making of  "Soho Rooftops” 36x48, oil on panel.

Easy Steps to Painting an Urban Landscape or Cityscape by Scott W. Prior

First, I start out by drawing with a brush while figuring out the basic shapes, proportions and perspective.
Next, I start refining my drawing and the proportions.

After that, I start the under painting while building up the values and adding some details of the buildings.

Still building the underpainting, I suggest more details and refine the drawing.

Once I’m happy with the underpainting drawing and the values, I’ll begin to add thin washes of dark colors to the underpainting.  I allow it to dry before I paint on top of it with more darks.

With the underpainting setup and dry, I then lay in and organize my dark colors, adjusting the values as I go.

Once my darks are painted, I add the light colors and add more details as I go.

Next, it's time to bring out more of the lights and to suggest more details.

At last, I add more details on the streets and to the windows on the green building. Next, I add the vivid color to the tree. The final stretch consists of making the tree and building really pop with some fine tuning to indicate some of the small details....the end.

Guest author/artist: Scott W. Prior is an award winning oil painter and Southern California native. He received his BFA from The Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA. During his time at the Academy of Art Scott established his skills in design, drawing and painting, giving him a solid foundation with which to develop his own unique, artistic style. Scott draws inspiration from the beauty in ordinary, everyday scenes. Scott is Signature Member of the California Art Club and a Signature Member of the Laguna Plein Air Painters Association.

October 2019 Autumn Landscape Painting in Tuscany with Lori McNee

Landscape painters, I am happy to announce my third annual workshop, "Autumn Landscape Painting in Tuscany with Lori McNee" in beautiful Italy - October 20 - 27, 2019! (SOLD OUT! Please email to be added to the waitlist or with questions.)



Eight lucky painters will join me (Lori) for an exclusive painting adventure of a lifetime in the beautiful Tuscan countryside of Lucca, Italy! This year, I am offering a one week workshop session October 20 - 27, 2019. ( We already have sold a few spots!) I am thrilled to be returning to Casa Berti to lead another amazing workshop. This experience is beyond description. But, I hope the following information give you a taste of our time in Tuscany.

*This workshop is open to all levels from beginner to professional. In October 2018, I had two total beginners who had never painted before PLUS two professionals along with intermediate painters - all in the same session! It was wonderful. The following photos are from my October 2018 workshops.

The villa where we stay was featured in 2018 Veranda Magazine! Follow the link in the comments section below to discover more about this incredible painting trip filled with plein air painting, photography, new ideas, art business tips, excursions, authentic Italian cuisine, wine tasting, homemade olive oil, fresh baked bread, music, dancing, laughter, new friends and much more!

A fun paint along demonstration


Professional artist, Michael Orwick getting ready to paint!

Autumn in Tuscany is a spectacular time of year! The crowds are gone and the weather is perfect for plein air painting - not too hot and not too cold. Late October is the beginning of olive harvesting season because the weather is warm and therefore perfect for outdoor painting!

The sunrises and sunsets are truly breathtaking. I took the following video one morning at Casa Berti...


Lori enjoying a plein air painting moment in Tuscany!

Where You Will Stay:

Once again, I am conducting this fabulous workshop at Casa Berti in the beautiful countryside above Lucca, Italy. This will be my third consecutive October workshop at Casa Berti! The estate is spacious, comfortable and quiet with modern conveniences including newly remodeled ensuite bathrooms. There is the main villa and the old 12th century farmhouse right next door where I like to stay!

Meet Casa Berti owner, Ben Gooder...

Casa Berti is a peaceful hideaway in the Italian countryside, only minutes from the historic walled city of Lucca. Lucca was founded by the pre-Roman Etruscans and it is surrounded by thick and high fortifications that date back to the Middle Ages. The jagged walls that encircle Lucca designed by the famous artist and architect, Leonardo Da Vinci. Lucca is a vibrant city with a labyrinth of narrow streets which are filled with great shopping, wonderful cafes, and historical sites. I love Lucca!


Professional artist, Romona Youngquist takes a painting break in front of Casa Berti

"Lori’s Tuscany workshop was one of the best decisions of my life. Everything about it was incredible. Lori is a great teacher and gives every student individual attention. She’s so good at bringing out each painters personal style. I highly advise signing up early because her past students might fill up next years workshops before anyone else get a chance lol." ~Romona Youngquist

Casa Berti is a beautiful 16th century estate and a working olive farm owned by my dear friend, Ben Gooder an expat from England. Olive oil is often called the liquid gold of Tuscany and Casa Berti produces some of the finest! 

Casa Berti olive garden
The Italian country dining room
Family style dining and delicious, authentic cuisine prepared by Debs!

This year you will spend 7 restful nights, and 6 busy days plein air painting under the autumn Tuscan sun! Each day you will be surrounded old olive orchards, charming vineyards, a swimming pool, wildflowers, magnificent villas and picturesque buildings. For more information about Casa Berti visit Or email Lori with any questions :)


Each lovely bedroom is unique with an ensuite bathroom.

"I've been here for two incredible painting sessions. I am a totally untrained beginning painter. Lori has shown me everything from brushstrokes to sky holes. I want to come back next year!" ~Diana


Diana had never painted before! It was amazing to watch her growth.

"You can’t imagine how much I miss all of you!! It seems like a dream! Magical Casa Berti, filled with some of the greatest people I have ever met. Top that off with common passion for art and painting…there’s no way to express what this experience meant to me!! This is the second workshop I have taken from Lori. The first one was in Giverny, France. Lori is a gracious and talented teacher who shares everything she knows. This has been a life changing experience." ~Harmony


Always smiling, Harmony puts her finishing touches on a beautiful painting
Lori painting autumn roses outside the quaint Casa Berti studio

What You Will Learn:

Plein air painting of Casa Berti olive garden by Lori McNee
  • You will improve your painting skills.
  • 6 days filled with classroom lectures, studio & outdoor instruction and demonstrations.
  • Each day, I will guide you through simplified steps to create a successful landscape painting.
  • You will discover the fundamentals of design, value, edges, color mixing and harmony, as well as brushwork and texture.
  • You will be taught an approach that will help you create your own successful paintings.

The objective of this workshop is to have fun, relax, come with an open mind, and a willingness to try new things.

I will be demonstrating with water-mixable, solvent-free oil paints. Traditional oils, watercolor, and acrylic paints are welcome, but this is a great time to try solvent-free with Lori McNee! Learn more about me here and visit my popular art blog, 

Ben, Debs and I will take very good care of you!


Plein air painting of Casa Berti by Lori McNee
Plein air painting by Lori McNee

Casa Berti's grand art studio is absolutely stunning. The large picture window fills the space with natural light as it overlooks the Tuscan landscape. The studio is equipped with French easels, but participants are welcome to bring their own pochade boxes. (A full supply list to follow after registration)

Classroom time in the Casa Berti studio

"The most incredible workshop class I have ever taken! I have learned so much including composition and value. Every minute of this trip was enjoyable." ~Linda

Example Workshop Itinerary: (subject to change)

Day 1, Sunday, Oct 20
Pick up from Lucca train station at 3pm
Orientation meeting and welcome dinner at Casa Berti

Romona's value sketch

Day 2, Monday, Oct 21
9:30am-12:30pm: Introductions, handouts, Our first working day! Q&A, equipment prep, canvas prep, setting up palette.
2pm-5pm: Thumbnail sketchbook work, value sketches in the field, monochrome painting studies
5pm-8pm: Optional studio time
8pm: Dinner
After dinner: Optional studio painting

Day 3, Tuesday, Oct 22
9am-12:30pm: Color mixing basics: discuss limited palette plein air painting, low versus high horizon design.
2pm-5pm: Limited palette or extended palette option plein air painting, focusing on design and edges.

Day 4, Wednesday, Oct 23
7am-10:30am: Optional morning-light plein air painting.
11am-4pm: Excursion! Shopping and Lunch in LUCCA!
5pm-8pm: Optional plein air painting or studio time
8pm: Dinner
After dinner: Art business night! Bring your tablets/laptop and notebook

Ben, heating up the brick oven for Pizza Night!

Day 5, Thursday, Oct 23
9am-12:30pm: Using color harmony to enhance your paintings.
2pm-4:30pm: Plein air painting, or studio painting.
4:30pm-7:30pm: Optional sunset/nocturne plein air painting
8pm: Dinner
After dinner: Movie night

Day 6, Friday, Oct 25 
10am: Excursion!
Lunch during excursion
8pm: Dinner

Day 7, Saturday, Oct 26
9am-12:30pm: Painting at Casa Berti
2pm-4:30pm: Plein air painting at Casa Berti, or studio painting. Finishing up pieces.
5pm: Group critique
8pm: Farewell dinner, Brick oven authentic PIZZA PARTY followed by after dinner social party in the studio!

Day 8, Sunday, Oct 27
10:30am: Goodbyes
11am: Departure, transfer to Lucca train station

$3400.00 USD per participating workshop student.
$2200.00 USD for non-participating spouses, friends or partners.
*Cost for returning students $3200.00 

$950.00 non-refundable deposit at registration.  (Please review the Terms & Conditions agreement.)  

Or you can mail your $950.00 deposit via cashier's check or money order to:

Lori McNee
Po Box 10098
Ketchum, ID 83340

Proud smiles after the workshop show-and-tell critique

What's Included:

6 days of instruction and 7 nights accommodation, all on sight meals including, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and wine. Meals are prepared by our talented chef / hostess "Debs" who uses the freshest local ingredients.

Our host, Ben Gooder will provide the transfers to the Lucca train station on the first and last day of the workshop. You can contact Ben with any questions regarding travel to Casa Berti. I suggest flying into Pisa or Florence and taking the train to Lucca. It's an easy trip from either airport. Others may opt to rent a car or hire a private car.

*Authentic Italian cooking lessons and relaxing private onsite massages are available upon request at an extra cost.

Ben setting up our alfresco luncheon!
Each day starts and end with Ben's freshly baked bread!

Our Special Tuscan Excursions!

To add to you well rounded Tuscan immersion, Ben will be taking us all on a few fabulous optional excursions!

Here are some excursion ideas! (All within an easy drive)

1) The Walled city of Lucca. Get lost exploring the Roman town. (This is approximately a 10 minute drive from Casa Berti)

On the Wall in Lucca!

2) The coast; from super chic Forte dei Marmi where the fashionable set of Milan spend their summer to the wilderness nature reserve at Migliarino. Here river meets sea and the wildlife is abundant. (This was a spectacular day trip!)

A workshop participant looking chic in Forte dei Marmi
A wonderful excursion! The Italian Riviera with good friends! Lori with teaching assistant Shanna Kunz and Romona Youngquist

3) Pietrasanta - home to the artists. Galleries, artist studios, materials, exhibitions, cafes and chic shopping. (I loved the art galleries, museums, and the shopping! Michelangelo spent a lot of time in this city.)

The streets of Pietrasanta are lined with sculptures!
Session two at Pietrasanta
Lunch at Bar Michelangelo in the charming artists' village, Pietrasanta. 

4) Carrara - visit The marble quarries when Michelangelo selected his stone and which still operate today. Dramatic scenery and amazing views of the Mediterranean
5) Cinque Terre- A day trip to the famously picturesque Ligurian villages that cling precariously between mountain and sea.

Sunset in Vernazza, awe inspiring Cinque Terre!
Lori, Michael and Romona painting in Cinque Terre

6) A short hike in the Garfagnana- follow marked trails up into Alpuan alps and enjoy amazing scenery far off the beaten tourist track.
7) Wine tasting at a famous Lucca winemaker
8) Renaissance villas- spectacular palaces nearby open to the public by special arrangement. Incredible Renaissance Gardens. Villa Reale, Villa Oliva and villa Torrigiani...

Villa Reale
Ripe persimmons are ready for picking in the Casa Berti garden


Happy workshop students from session one!
Happy workshop students from session two!

"I honestly could not have imagined a better beginning to my learning to oil paint journey! Lori is a wonderful talent and wonderfully passionate about painting! More importantly her enthusiastic, positive teaching style and her wonderful communication skills create such a great learning/growing painting environment for all skill levels! The Lucca, Tuscany setting is simply incredible and inspiring! In short, Paint in Tuscany with Lori McNee was epic! I highly recommend the experience and certainly hope to attend many more of Lori’s workshops in my plein air painting future!" ~Chris

Painting participant and avid birder, Chris, also enjoyed the variety of flora and fauna!

My 2017 & 2018 Tuscan workshops filled very quickly and it even had a waiting list. (Please refer to our Terms & Conditions agreement before booking). I highly suggest purchasing travel insurance. BOOK NOW below...

$3400.00 USD per participating workshop student.
$2200.00 USD for non-participating spouses, friends or partners.
*Cost for returning students $3200.00 

$950.00 non-refundable deposit at registration.  (Please review the Terms & Conditions agreement.)  

Or you can mail your $950.00 deposit via cashier's check or money order to:

Lori McNee
Po Box 10098
Ketchum, ID 83340

Non-participating traveling partners:
You are welcome to bring a partner or friend who is not participating in the course. The cost includes accommodation, transfers and all meals. We will gladly assist in planning activities during the days for your partner; such as vineyard tours with wine tasting, guided tours of Lucca, Second World War battle site tours and guided walks in the Garfagnana (a very beautiful, mountainous area of northern Tuscany).
Workshop student entering Casa Berti's studio.
A beautiful morning at Casa Berti

Click the BOOK NOW button below to reserve your spot! (Please refer to our Terms & Conditions agreement before booking).

Skill level: Beginner to Professional
Includes: tuition, accommodation, on-sight meals, excursions, transfers

Casa Berti
Via di Mastiano e Giuliano
5007, Lucca, Italy

Contact Ben:
IT: +39 347 346 5078
UK: +44 7973 393 682
Contact Lori:

A non-refundable deposit of $950.00 USD is required to be paid at the time of registration. Your place is confirmed once the deposit is received. The remaining balance is due 10 weeks prior to the start of the workshop. If you are booking less than 10 weeks from the scheduled start date, the full fee must be paid at the time of registration.

Your instructor

Lori McNee is a professional artist, instructor, and an internationally known art blogger, art-marketing expert, and the owner of  Lori’s broad spectrum of artwork includes landscape, plein air, still life, and wildlife paintings in oil or encaustic wax. She is an exhibiting member of Oil Painters of America and the American Impressionist Society, and is a popular demonstrator and faculty member at the Plein Air Convention. Lori's paintings are in private and corporate collections throughout the world as well as the Gilcrease Museum and the permanent collection of the Encaustic Art Institute in Santa Fe.

​Lori shares her online success secrets to artists, businesses, and organizations around the world. She has been featured in The Wall Street Journal Online and The Huffington Post, and writes for publications including Artist’s Magazine, Artist’s & Graphic Designer’s Market, Photographer’s Market. Her own book, “Fine Art Tips with Lori McNee: Painting Techniques & Professional Advice”  is available on Amazon.

Your Host
Ben Gooder is an award-winning feature film script writer and documentary film producer. He divides his time between Italy and the UK. He discovered Casa Berti 20 years ago and realized a long held dream when he purchased the property from his family two years ago. Since then he has embarked on a development program to improve the buildings and land. He is proud to have restored Casa Berti and made it a Centre for excellence and self fulfillment. He takes great pleasure in sharing his love of this place with visitors from all over the world.

I look forward to seeing you in Lucca for "Landscape Painting in Tuscany with Lori McNee" at Casa Berti - Ciao! ~Lori

Wildflowers in the Casa Berti olive garden