Sometimes, if a painting remains unsold, it may be because it has yet to meet its ideal collector.

“Midwinter Magpies” BEFORE

However, there might be different factors at play. In such cases, I find it helpful to reassess the artwork.

In the following article, I’ll share a recent experience, “Revisiting ‘Midwinter Magpies’: A Canvas Transformed.”

Recently, I opted for an RTA (art gallery code for “return to artist”) for ‘Midwinter Magpies,’ a lovely 48″x24″ canvas painting that was still seeking a home.

Upon revisiting this piece in my studio, I scrutinized it closely and realized it needed a change.

My decision to remove the third magpie transformed the piece completely and suddenly, the painting came alive!

©2024 Lori McNee, “Midwinter Magpies” 48×24, oil on canvas

Here’s a glimpse into the transformation process:

  • First, I began by using Procreate on my iPad to help me digitally visualize the changes.
  • Satisfied with the new design, I removed the old varnish from the canvas using Gamsol.
  • After sanding the surface gently and cleaning it with a lint-free cloth, I prepared the canvas with a fresh layer of oiling medium.
  • The final touches were applied using Cobra oil paint by Royal Talens, ensuring a smooth finish.

Check out the Instagram Reel below to watch the ‘canvas transformed’ magic unfold!

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