Artists need to take charge of their art careers now more than ever. Nowadays, being a successful artist also includes being a savvy business person as well as a talented and creative producer of your craft.

In this guest article, John R. Math shares this great list of of ways that you can market art and develop your brand.

This list of suggestions is forever changing as technology and the public’s tastes shift. It is in no particular order of importance. I hope you find this useful! ~Lori

10 Great Ways to Market Your Art and Develop Your Brand:
1. Website/blog: This is now a major branding medium. In past years, a website was thought to be something that you did along with your advertising. It now is just as important and has become a major portal and link for the artist and the public. As the lines between TV and internet become blurred, websites will become an even more important part of an artist’s marketing and branding.
2. Article marketing: This is a huge source of traffic for an artist’s website and if done consistently well over time will brand the artist as an expert in their field as someone who is reliable and trustworthy. There are at least 5 top article sites that provide expert information and source materials to the public. It is up to the artist to take advantage of article sites in order to promote their brand. These articles that are written can also be used in the artist’s website and blog.
3. Slide registries: These registries offer artists with free databases to register and upload their art work. These sites also allow the artists to post their artist statement, resume, email address and a link to their website. An artist should get on as many registries as possible as it not only provides more exposure, but it creates more traffic to their website and creates back links to their website as well. The major search engines count back links as part of their page ranking process, which is another reason for an artist to get on a lot of registries.
4. Online press releases: This offers an artist a way in which they can promote their events, openings and other promotions. Most press release websites include links back to the artist’s website, along with a biography section. They also offer guides on how to write and form a press release too. Search engines pick up these press releases very quickly and they become a major source of the artist’s brand.
5. Social networking: These sites have now been proven to be an effective means of promoting your brand, building contacts and announcing events. The better known websites are Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. There are a hundred more and new ones being formed each day. Stick with the largest and the most popular social networking websites that contain your target niche market. For art and art related issues and themes, Facebook is right now the best for this endeavor. Most of what is being suggested in this article can be promoted on these sites too.
6. Email marketing: This is a growing medium that will become more and more important to the artist in promoting their brand. There are websites and programs available online for artist’s to have a third party administer their email campaigns. An artist should continually be soliciting for email addresses and making that a major part of their branding process. Artist events, openings and promotions can be a part of the email campaign. Emailing reprints of press releases is another way an artist can stay engaged with their customers.
7. Video Marketing: Video has become another medium for an artist to present their work and expertise on the internet. Think of it as a small ad, a visual article or promotional piece. The better and more professional the spot, the more it reinforces the artist’s brand. Again, they provide for a profile section and links back to the artist’s website and also will be picked up on the major search engines.
8. Webinars: These are now a growing field that artists and other professionals can promote their brand and their expertise. It is much like YouTube but is an exclusive format and the artist’s followers are invited to attend this event. Many people charge for this too. I believe that it should be used as a promotional tool, as means to keep the target market informed and engaged with the artist.
9. Forums: These discussions provide an artist with the opportunity to help their brand, while promoting their artwork and their website/blog.  Another form of social networking as the artist is coming in contact with similar people, with the same interests. The same common sense rules apply to the forums, as whatever a person writes in a forum will be online forever!
10. Viral Magazines: This is a new way for artists to promote their artwork in a very upscale manner. There are several sites that now provide this low cost service. Since there is a cost to publishing an online magazine, the artist could pay for this as a promotional tool for their prospects and customers.


John R. Math is the director and operator of the Light Space & Time – Online Art Gallery, Art Marketing Secrets Websites, and Art Marketing Strategies. John is also a successful art photographer.
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