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LinkedIn connects creative entrepreneurs with other art professionals.

Artists can use LinkedIn to meet gallery owners, corporate art reps, interior designers, collectors, and other successful art professionals. This can greatly extend their reach and expand their horizons as professionals.

Today, LinkedIn has more than 350 Million registered users and is still growing. The following are some ideas to pursue to maximize your time and effectiveness on LinkedIn.

Create A Complete Profile:

  • Your profile can make or break you. A LinkedIn profile with a photo will be viewed 11 x more frequently than a profile with a blank or default image. Personally, I do not take anyone seriously who hasn’t taken the time to complete their profile page and upload a photo of themselves. Make your profile a priority and use it to display your artistic accomplishments and experience.
  • Connect with People through Groups:
  • Join groups that are relevant to your art business. Again, your profile will be very important as to whether or not you will be accepted into a group. If your profile does not fully show your artistic background, the moderator of an art-related group might not accept you into the group.

Become an Active Member in Your Groups:

  • Join in and participate in group discussions. Thoughtful answers or questions will highlight you as an informed art professional.
  • In addition, you can also “Like” any discussions, posts and comments.

Remember You Are Networking Not Selling:

  • I am always turned off by a person coming into a group, who ignores the group’s mission and tries to sell something! Who are you? I want first to get to know you, I want to learn more about you and I want to be able to trust you.
  • Networking online is no different than networking in person.

10 LinkedIn Networking Rules (Guidelines):

  1. Research a group thoroughly as to their mission, their members and their ongoing discussions and activities. Take the temperature of the group before jumping in and participating.
  2. Ask questions in the group and when there are answers from group members, stay involved and interact in the discussion.
  3. Don’t sell anything. You are in the group to meet and get to know people. You are building relationships first and foremost.
  4. When commenting on a discussion or question, watch what you say and how you say it. Avoid controversial statements, slang and poor choice of words. Write the statement out first in a word doc, check it for spelling and sentence structure, then copy and paste into the discussion.
  5. The people who you meet in a group are those you may want in your network. They are there to help you, as you help them. Once you know them, invite them into your network.
  6. Try to solve problems that other group members are having. You will quickly find many members who will want you in their network.
  7. Don’t allow yourself to get distracted. Only network with members in the arts or in your industry.
  8. When someone requests information beyond that on your LinkedIn Profile, have a well-though-out “Elevator Pitch” to describe you and/or your business. Make it concise and interesting.
  9. When there is a group discussion or online event, volunteer your time, thoughts and effort. Be an active member of the group and people will soon get to know you.
  10. Set aside time every day to check-in with your groups to see what is new and how you might be of service. Your participation will yield rewards for both you and your network.

Remember to be a productive and steady member of any of the groups you join. You are building a professional community, which will be a source of expertise, advice and support in the future.

Guest artist/author: John R. Math is a professional photographer and the director of Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery was created to assist new and emerging artists gain competition experience in juried art shows. The gallery works to help participating artists develop their art resumes and obtain exposure to decision makers in the art world.

***Thank you for helping demystify LinkedIn and for sharing your valuable LinkedIn networking guidelines here with us! ~Lori 🙂

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