facebook friends montageGaining new ‘friends’ on Facebook is half the fun of it, the other half is serious business. So, what happens when you notice your friend count just went from 372, down to 370? Yikes – you just got unfriended by two friends, and for no apparent reason!

Check out these 10 reasons below to help you figure it all out…but, first…

Let’s be grateful that Facebook does not publicly humiliate us all by listing who had the audacity to unfriended us. But, now there is a browser extension that helps you take matters into your own hands. It is called, Unfriend Finder.

This script will tell you which friends have removed you or deactivated their accounts, and who has dared to decline your friend request. (Note: this handy tool cannot tell you which profile(s) had you on their friendlist before it was installed. Unfriend Finder is not retroactive.)
…and be aware, Unfriend Finder will not help you from losing your friends!

10 Reasons Why You Got Unfriended on Facebook:

Guest author: Tania Khadder. Originally posted on ArtBistro.Monster.com
Do you really need to be in touch with people you barely knew (or liked) in high school? If you didn’t know how many virtual goats they’d raised or what their kids had for lunch, would you be missing anything? And somewhere ‘out there’, someone might be thinking the exact same thing about you!
You might want to steer clear of these annoying behaviors…
1. Oversharing
People tend to forget that their friend list is as dynamic as the life they lead. Keep that in mind when you’re about to share something you wouldn’t tell your cousin or coworker in a face-to-face setting. Very few people want to see pictures from your ultrasound. And I can’t think of anyone who wants to hear about your sexcapades.

skeleton in the closet cartoon

2. Exposing your friend’s vices
Your friend might smoke openly outside Molly McGees on a Friday night, but that doesn’t mean they want their mother, spouse, or even their employer to know about it. Comments like, “I can’t believe you managed to get home after that last whiskey sour!” or, “Sorry for bumming your smokes all night,” could put your friend in an awkward position at home or get them in trouble at work. If so, they’ll put you in the unfriend list.
pointing the finger
3. Hating on everyone and everything
We all have at least one friend like this. Her status isn’t so much an update as it is a forum for some free – and very public – anger management therapy. She can never wait for this day to be over. She just can’t bu-lieve Subway put mayo on her sandwich. She hates it when women bring their kids to the mall/babies cry on airplanes/people don’t clean up after their dogs.
No one wants to spend time with a Negative Nancy, so why would they want one huffing and puffing all over their news feed?
4. Passive aggressive status updates
These updates almost always include the word ‘you’.

“You continue to disappoint me.”

“You won’t ever REALLY get it.”

“How come you have time to update your status, but you never call me back?

When you post updates like this, every single one of your friends will entertain the idea that it’s directed at them. Not nice. Be a grown up and send the offender a passive aggressive text message instead.
5. A breakup
Even when it’s not your own. If your best friend has just gone through a messy break-up, don’t be surprised if you no longer see her ex-boyfriend in your friend list. And it’s not always about taking sides or being guilty by association. The poor guy might not want to see pictures of his former flame doing body shots off her new friends in Cancun. Can you really blame him?

broken heart

6. Stalking
Facebook encourages stalker behavior. But how do you know when you’ve crossed the line? If you’re comment on and like everything someone says and does, and they never seem to return the favor, you might just be “that creepy girl.” It’s only a matter of time before you’re cut off.
7. Polarizing posts
Religion and politics: while you have every right to talk about them, don’t expect everyone to listen. If you’re towing the Tea Party line often (and loudly) on Facebook, your more liberal friends might just give you the boot.

8. Bombarding your friends with game updates, quizzes, or event invites

Everyone uses Facebook for different reasons. Some like to keep up with friends through their photos and posts. Others like to share information about the topics they’re interested in. And then there are the people who like to download every app, game or quiz they come across. If you fall into the latter category, your friends might tire of your Farmville updates.
blue ribbons and a trophy for success
9. Bragging
If you’ve always had the best day ever, can’t believe how great your hubby/job/life is, and have no shame in sharing your every success (big or small), your Facebook friends probably hate you.
10. Doing nothing at all
A lot of Facebook relationships are based on some loose connection, past or present. If you get unfriended and aren’t guilty of numbers one through nine, chances are you were never really friends in the first place. Don’t fret. You’re not missing much. I know, I know. You wanted to be the one to unfriend. If it makes you feel better, block them.


What are some other ways to get unfriended on Facebook? Please feel free to share them in the comments below! ~Lori
BTW, let’s connect on Facebook and on Twitter 🙂
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