Recently, I have received a few comments from artists who feel that social media is just a lot of hype.

Last week I wrote a guest article for my friends at Meylah filled with compelling reasons why artists should use Twitter. I hope this post helps my readers understand how to use social media as part of their free art marketing plan. ~Lori 🙂
12 Persuasive Reasons Why Artists Should Use Twitter written by Lori McNee, originally posted on
Many artists would rather spend their spare time creating their art, rather than tweeting. I understand that, because I am an artist too. But, computer savvy artists know that Twitter is the quickest way to build brand recognition for their art business, I know this from my own personal experience.
Simply put, Twitter is one of the best online resources (if not the best) for self-promotion, connecting with your audience and marketing your art.
In this challenging economy, being a successful artist not only consists of creating great art, but it is also about creating a strong business. Tweeting will help you do just that!
So, please let me take a moment to persuade you to give Twitter a try!
1. Networking
There are literally millions and millions of people using Twitter. This is your big art marketing and branding opportunity, because many of those people enjoy learning about art, art collecting and other cultural activities.
Also, social channel has a very large network of artists for you to meet. I have made valuable connections and friendships (like Meylah!) from my two years on Twitter.
2. Promote Your Blog, Storefront, or Website
Drive traffic to your blog, Esty store, Flickr portfolio, gallery or website using Twitter. Tweet your latest blog post or website announcement. It is amazing to see how one little tweet can drive so many people to your blog. That is the power of Twitter that cannot be ignored.
Add a Twitter share button on your blog or website so your readers can easily share your blog posts.
3. Gain Newsletter and Blog Subscribers
With all that tweeting and sharing of your latest blog posts, your subscribers will automatically grow! From time to time you can even ask your followers to sign up for your newsletter or to join your blog.
4. Promote Your Facebook Fan Page, YouTube channel and other social media sites
Be sure and use Twitter to ask people to sign up for your Facebook Fan Page and watch it grow. Each week I ask my Twitter followers to share, “What’s on Your Easel”. I attach a link to my Fine Art Tips fan page and gain new followers this way.
Post your latest paintings, thoughts or inspirations on Facebook and tweet about it!
Share your latest video and link to your YouTube channel.
5. Special Announcements
Use Twitter to send out special announcements like gallery openings and exhibitions, artist gatherings, art promotions and new available art announcements.
Keep your followers informed of interesting highlights in your career and life. Twitter is an effective last minute marketing tool!
Let them know if your blog is down for maintenance.
6. Art Auctions, Commissions, Contests and Giveaways
Hold your own social media art auction or join an interactive online art auction like, 140 Hours Art Auction (I have since heard that this auction is no loger active right now, however it really worked! The website is still up.). I have had success selling my art through this auction house that uses Twitter.
Generate commissions and custom art requests via Twitter and sell to your collectors directly.
Grab attention and try contests and/or giveaways. For instance, offer a free print, painting, mug or t-shirt to your top re-tweeters or loyal followers. Be sure and add a link to your website or Facebook fan page!
7. Share Your Art
Share images of your latest painting or get feedback on your work in progress using easy tweeting tools and applications such as TwitPic , or your Flickr or Picassa album.
8. Share Yourself
As I mentioned above, Twitter is a great networking tool. Being an artist is a solitary profession. Twitter helps open up meaningful business relationships and the lines of communication with your audience as well as galleries, art magazines, art promoters and more…
Use Twitter to share more than just your art. Share your story, personality and inspirations with others.
9. Target Your Niche
Twitter enables users to easily find and connect with other like-minded individuals. Once way of doing this is by using the # symbol, called a ‘hashtag’. Use this hashtag in front of keywords search for and to attract people to your tweet.
For example: When you tweet and use the hashtag, #art or #arttip, ECT, your tweet will attract people interested in that topic. You can use hastags to search for interesting topics and trends.
10. Reach Outside Your Niche
Not only can you attract your own niche following, but also you can appeal to multiple audience profiles. Once again you can use relevant hashtags to distribute your tweets and target different audiences.
11. Keep Your Finger on the Pulse
Twitter is a quick way to stay informed and on the cutting edge of new trends. Artists are the mover and shakers of the world and we should be aware of all the new trends in design, decorating, fashion, color and technology and understand how it influences our art and sales
12. Give Back and Pay it Forward
Most importantly, use your tweeting as a to help and inspire others and as a hub for self-promotion. However, Twitter is about sharing and caring. If you only tweet about yourself, your following will grow slowly and people will lose interest in your tweets.
Reach out to your fellow tweeter. Share their interesting tweets and thank them when they share yours.
I would love to hear your tips or feedback. Have fun and I hope to see you on Twitter and Facebook!!! ~Lori (or maybe you want to check out my paintings)


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