12 Reasons Why It's Time To Get VisualAs I mentioned in the thought provoking post, The Rise of Visual Content and the Fall of Attention Spans, visual content is now the preferred form of social media content.

Science proves that in terms of human communication, we naturally respond to visuals over text, and even language. According to scientists, this is due to millions of years of evolution.  For instance, humans have a primal fondness for images of wide, open landscapes. These landscape images evoke an instant sense of well-being and contentment.

Visual content includes images ranging in the form of photos, videos, infographics (like the one below), slideshows, illustrations, quotes with graphics, slideshows, memes, videos, and animations.

The brain processes images 60,000 faster than text! These images go into our long-term memory banks where they are indelibly etched. Visual content is the perfect remedy for our over stimulated, short attention spans.

This is great news for artists and photographers! Get inspired, and get visual with the help of this scientific infographic by my good friends at 12most.com.