My good friend and fellow artist, Matt LeBlanc asked me to help him round-up a group of active Twitter and Facebook artists for a unique video project. Now months later, the video has been produced as part of his successful art campaign to raise money for a charity he believes in, the fight against cancer.

Matt lost his sister to this heartless disease when she was only five. Sadly, he never got the chance to meet Madeleine, but years later, Matt is doing something to fight back. Matt named his nobel endeavor, “The Matt LeBlanc Art for Life Campaign.”

Last spring, Matt created an impressive 200 paintings in only 6 months with ALL the proceeds going to and was able to raise an impressive $38,000. So this year, Matt has gathered 25 visual artists in this inspirational video to promote cancer awareness. He has spent the last couple months putting together this video with 24 other artists from different part of the world. The idea is simple — each artist answers one question: “Why do you paint?”

“Painting is life.
We love to paint and we love life.
We are all artists and we are all for finding a cure for cancer.”

I am honored to be included in this beautiful 3 minute video:
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Please visit Matt’s site for more information or if you would like to donate to his campaign:

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