instagram photos imagesFor centuries, artists have used tools to help improve their art. Technologies have vastly improved since the invention of the pinhole camera or camera obscura, which was used as a drawing aid by 15th – 17th century artists.

Hundreds of years later, artists like myself are still exploring different tools to help advance our art and art businesses. Recently, I have been enjoying the popular mobile photo apps Instagram and Pixlr-o-matic.
These photo-sharing apps allow users to snap mobile photos, apply digital filters and effects to it, and then share it via their social media channels including Instagram’s own site. Pixlr-o-Matic can be used on your phone or accessed on your computer. Now any iPhone or Android or computer user can become a creative photographer!
The results are reminiscent of the old Polaroid transfer or print making techniques. This new photo process can be quite fun and addicting, but I primarily use these apps to help boost my art business.
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