Love to doodle while on the phone or while trying to stay awake during staff meetings or in class? Well, why not develop that natural talent?

Whether you’re looking for a career as an artist or just want to indulge in drawing as a hobby, the internet is a great place to learn the basics or further develop the talent you’re already cultivating. Here are five websites that will help you learn to draw.


The incredible success of movies like Avatar has turned the world of movies and TV into a 3D world. So why not get in on the ground floor of this visual revolution? This new, free software from google allows you to create 3D models and even present them to the public via google. With a vast array of video tutorials offering step-by-step, easy to follow instructions, this is a great tool if you want to take your art into the 21st Century.


Want to be the next Charles M. Schulz? Then this is the website for you. Offering a vast array of styles and techniques, this site is better than any book about cartooning one is likely to find. Beginner of intermediate, you can easily navigate around this site. The information and lessons are presented with clarity, energy, excitement and humor. This site is a lot of fun.


This is the most comprehensive site I’ve seen to date for learning how to draw. There is an incredible amount of information here in beginner, intermediate and advanced categories covering every type of illustration you can imagine. Faces and Figures, Perspectives, Caricatures, Shading, Color Basics, Cartoons… this site is invaluable.


This one is for the young, budding artist. It offers easy to follow drawing tutorials for cartoons ranging from a chef to a bunny to a happy puppy. The site is very easy to use and kids can indulge their talents in a fun and engaging way drawing all of the characters on the site. The kids can spend hours drawing along with this site and have fun doing it.


Although this website offers programs for purchase, there is quite a bit of free instruction and exercises as well. Here you can learn to paint, draw and sketch so there’s something for everyone. Whether you want to go pro, or just want to hone your talent, this website is a must.
And there you have it. These and many other great websites will help you become the next great artist in just about every art field out there. Most are free, some offer courses you can buy if you’re really serious about your work. So why just draw on paper when you can draw on these great online resources as well?


Guest Author: Andrew Salmon contributed this guest post. He writes about art and photography topics like printing photos on canvas for They provide high quality canvas reproductions of your original photographs and art.


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