My departed mother I always believed it was best to ‘keep goals and dreams to yourself’…and now, research is proving her right – again!

As creative thinkers and ambitious business people, we all have exciting goals and it is often our first instinct to tell somebody. But, research is proving that it is better to keep your goals to yourself in order to achieve them. In this fascinating video, Derek Sivers explains the research to back it up.
In the TED TV video below, I counted 6 Ways to Keep Your Goals to Yourself to Achieve Them:

  1. Write down the goal.
  2. Resist the temptation to announce your goal.
  3. Delay the gratification that the social acknowledgement brings.
  4. Understand that your mind mistakes, the talking for the doing.
  5. If you need to talk about it, do it in a way that gives you ‘no satisfaction’…for example: “I really want to run this marathon, and kick my a** if I don’t.”
  6. Next time you are tempted to tell someone your goal – zip it!

I think you will enjoy watching this 4 minute video as Derek quickly presents the research and explains why people who talk about their ambitions may be less likely to achieve them.
…and I want to share this favorite quote with you all:

“Dreams and goals are two different things. One is a thought the other an action.”

Thanks for stopping by, ~Lori 🙂

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