1. Recently, I have been doing a series of posts that have to do with yin and yang in painting.  To read, click “Texture & Application,”  Color Harmony,”  Opposites Attract in Painting,” Composition – Yin Yang of Painting.” I have had a good time learning and researching this subject online and in books.  “The Yin/Yang of Painting,” has been especially enlightening and beautiful to read.  The art is luminous and well executed.  If this subject interests you, I suggest you open this little book.
  2. The Yin/Yang of Painting:  A Contemporary Master Reveals the Secrets of Painting found in Ancient Chinese Philosophy by Hongian Zhang & Lois Wooley.  Through the harmonious balancing of opposites, the ancient Chinese philosophy of yin yang is applied beautifully to the art of painting in an illuminating, results-oriented instructional for all arts of all levels.  Dividing the lessons into two sections, this book examines the traditional elements of painting and demonstrates major genres of painting.  140 illustration, 125 in color.

Lori 🙂

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