Today is Halloween, so I was surfing the web in search of a ‘spooky’ image to post on my Facebook page when I came upon this really amazing pumpkin art by Ray Villafane Studios. I was so impressed with the skill of the artists, I decided to share their art with you.

At first I thought these Halloween pumpkins were digitally altered, but they are not!
These are “Ray Villafane Pumpkins”.  Villafane and his team have worked together to carve for the President at the White House,  for Heidi Klum’s Annual Halloween Party and alongside Martha Stewart. These carved pumpkins are famous across the the World!  Martha Stewart called Ray, “The Michelangelo of Pumpkin Carving”.
I read one of Ray’s tweets where he shared a really helpful pumpkin carving tip…

pumpkin carving tip

A loop is a special tool used by sculptors. What a great tip – these loops really will help save our fingers next Halloween!

sculpting loops
Check out the most amazing carved pumpkins on the planet. Ray and his artists are so talented and creative! I love seeing art expressed in so many different forms.
Happy Halloween! ~Lori

yoda pumpkin halloween

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