tweet money TwitterTo tweet or not to tweet? According to Wall Street Journal Digital Network, this is the top question on the minds of people in the business of selling goods and services as they ponder the worth of communicating with over 140 million Twitter users.

Yesterday, I received a phone call from a reporter from, the Wall Street Journal Digital Network who asked to interview me for today’s post, How Many Tweets Does it Take to Sell Something? 
It’s an insightful post that includes some advice from users who believe that Twitter is filled with infinite potential sales leads. Here is an excerpt that highlights my contribution to the post…but, I bet you’d enjoy reading the full article.

Lori McNee, an artist from Ketchum, Idaho, joined Twitter in 2009 and began tweeting about art, animals, healthy foods and social media’s favorite topic — social media. She later found that she could also use Twitter to sell her work by directing followers to her blog and the galleries that carry her work.

“In the past year I’ve sold a few thousand dollars worth of art through the site,” said McNee, who has more than 49,000 Twitter followers. “Still, there’s a necessary balancing act between promoting your product and building relationships with people,” she said. “You have to be cautious about not turning off your followers or they’ll stop following you.”

Have you sold anything with your social media marketing efforts? Let us know in the comments.
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