Zhenya Gershman with Lori McNee

An intriguing and inspiring interview with Soviet Russian born artist and entrepreneur, Zhenya Gershman

In the video interview below, Zhenya generously shares how she quickly moved from teaching in person at Z Art Academy to teaching with Zoom online – and now her business is booming more than ever!

Born in Moscow, Russia (when it was Soviet Russia) Zhenya held her 1st solo exhibition in St. Petersburg at age 14. She moved to the USA and was the youngest student to be admitted to Otis Art Institute.

“It is not the eyes that are ‘the windows of the soul’, rather art is an opportunity for the soul to be the window to our eyes” — Zhenya Gershman

Zhenya graduated with honors and later received her Masters of Fine Arts degree from Art Center College of Design. Zhenya started Z Art Academy where she teaches her love of portrait painting.

Her larger than life artworks are sought out by celebrities and are in important collections around the world.

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