This spring, I have been moving into and organizing my newly remodeled art studio. My easy DIY artist’s workstation is one of the best parts of my new studio.

This heirloom quality easel is the crowning jewel of my art studio, and now I can paint even larger paintings!

However, I am almost as thrilled with my “Lori McNee Artist’s Workstation” which consists of an AV medical cart that holds my affordable Apple Macbook Air laptop and an inexpensive TV monitor. Now, I am able to project my reference material right next to my easel!

Lori McNee in her Sun Valley studio with
“Last Light” 60×40
oil on canvas

Below you can see my painting, “Afternoon Alpenglow” in progress with the Lori McNee Artist’s Workstation to the right. How handy to have my reference material right next to my painting and taboret! I also share the products I used to create this painting below.

Be sure and scroll down for all helpful the Amazon links! I tried to find the best deals for you…

I posted my Lori McNee Artist’s Workstation on Instagram a while ago (see the post IG below) and many of you asked for more information. So, I’ve gathered up the items here in this blog post and included the Amazon links. I hope my DIY artist’s workstation inspires you too!

This is a great way to stay organized and efficient, whether your studio is large or small.

Here are the items you will need to make your own artist’s workstation! *Note: Because I use an Apple laptop, I did not use the PC mount on the medical cart.

Don’t get too large a monitor or the AV cart will become top heavy!

Try my favorite oil paints by Cobra! They are solvent-free and water-mixable.

Also, my favorite brushes which I helped develop by Princeton! The Aspen series.

And that’s it!

I truly believe the DYI Lori McNee Artist’s Workstation will help you simplify your precious painting time and will inspire your art to the next level! Let me know what you think. ~Lori

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