sunset on the oregon coast instagramYesterday, I was one of over 1 million happy Android users who downloaded the popular photo sharing app, Instagram.

After months of watching my iPhone artist friends have all the fun posting their creative photos, I was finally able to join! Up until yesterday, the clever app was only available to iPhone users.
I stayed up late last night playing with my newfound toy. I can already see that I will gain a lot of artistic inspiration from manipulating my photos with the app. I have added a few examples of my first Instagram attempts in this post for you to see…
Nevertheless,  I read that not all users are as happy about Instagram’s arrival on Android. According to PCMagazine, some iPhone users took to Twitter to express their annoyances that the app is now open to Android users.
Here are a few of the disgruntled tweets from iPhone users that PCMagazine shared…
 @matthewtpain,“bummed to see Instagram is coming soon to Android. I like the exclusivity of iPhone users only.”
 @Anthony_CA. “Don’t follow me on instagram if you got an Android. Only iPhone users following this way. Im blocking Android users. This is war.”
And my favorite…
 @Chino_Wanker “I’m absolutely #outraged that Instagram is on Android now, it’s gonna be populated by people who are poor and can’t afford an iphone.” 
With over 30 million Instagram iPhone users, I am sure these remarks are from the minority. But really, can’t we Android and iPhone peeps all get along??? 
In a recent blog post, Techcrunch stated that ‘Android is at 500 million activations (for comparison, Apple is at something around 180 million iPhones sold, total) the startup has a real chance of hitting 100 million users across both devices soon enough to matter. Facebook took about four years to reach its first 100 million; The idea of Instagram becoming the world’s first formidable, mobile-only social network is extremely compelling’.
Popular among artists and photographers, the app allows users to add different custom filters to photos in order to change the colors, tonality, mood, and borders of their snapshots.
Even though the Android app works great, I have to admit that I was disappointed to find that my Samsung Charge SCH-1510 is not supported by Google Play. This means that I am unable to manage my Instagram account via my computer – maybe my next phone should be an iPhone!
a beaver creekAre you an Android or iPhone Instagram user?
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