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FineArtTips is pleased to announce the first of the #PowerArtists series of articles. This series is dedicated to acknowledging individuals for their excellence in the Arts and Social Media.

“#PowerArtists are the social media ‘rockstars’ of the art world! Not only are they talented creatives, but they understand how to harness the power of social media and use it to promote their art careers. #PowerArtists are inspiring and freely share their knowledge with others.”

Stay tuned: Each #PowerArtist will be featured in his or her own informative interview.
The artists listed below exemplify the qualities of #PowerArtists:
matt leblanc
Matt has a strong Twitter and Facebook following. Matt has taken his business skills and applies them toward his art career. He is an expert at marketing his art and fundraising for charities via social media.

  • Name: Matt LeBlanc
  • Location: Dieppe, Canada
  • Web: http://www.mattle…
  • Bio: Abstract Artist from Dieppe New Brunswick Canada

annie strack
Annie is one of the most influential artists on Twitter. She is an art instructor and uses her business background to share her art marketing knowledge.

  • Name: Annie Stack
  • Location: Louisiana & Philadelphia
  • Web: http://www.AnnieS…
  • Bio: Professional Maritime Artist, Writer for Art Calendar Magazine, Artist Workshops Instructor, Official Authorized USCG Artist, Author and Art Business Consultant

kelli bickman artist
Kelli Bickman

  • Kelli is brilliant at selling her artwork on Facebook. Don’t judge this gal by her following…she is a mighty might!
  • Name:  kelli bickman
  • Location: new york
  • Web: http://www.kellib…
  • Bio: 11:11 studio – painter, fine artist, muralist, community activist, youth art teacher, illustrator, vegetarian, mother, designer, and many other descriptives…

michael godfrey artist

  • Michael is a internationally recognized artist and one of the most talented fine artists on Facebook. His work is an inspiration to the many thousands of his loyal followers on Facebook. Michael knows how to keep his fans wanting more.
  • Name: Michael Godfrey
  • Web: Michael Godfrey Fine Art
  • Bio: “I want my paintings to reflect the wonder of God’s creation.”

alissa fereday

  • Alissa is a go-getter with a strong social media following. She manages two Twitter accounts and is the hostess of popular art webinars.
  • Name: AlissaFereday
  • Location: Houston
  • Web: http://www.fearle…
  • Bio: Fine Artist, Social Media, @itweetart host, Dog Rescue, Photoshop Junkie, Graphic Designer, EFT, LOA, Gratitude, Lifelong Learner, Pack leader of @ChiliconQueso

robin pedrero artistrobinpedrero
Robin is another popular artist who has a strong following on Twitter and Facebook. She is talented at marketing her art via social media and sells her work on Esty.com.

  • Name: Robin Maria Pedrero
  • Location: Orlando, FL, USA
  • Web: http://artist.to/…
  • Bio: Creating Art makes me happy. Journey is such a good word. I like breezes, music, and tea. I sing the wrong words to songs.

artist tara reed
Tara, does it all! Not only is she a licensed working artist, but also a coach, instructor and keynote speaker. Tara is a strong presence in social media for the arts.

  • Name: Tara Reed
  • Location: Portland, Oregon
  • Web: http://www.artlic…
  • Bio: Licensed Artist, Coach, Speaker, Author, Illustrator.

melody lamb artistMelodyLeaLamb
Melody is a working mom who juggles her professional miniature painting  and book illustration career. She is a favorite on Twitter.

  • Name: Melody Lea Lamb
  • Location: New England
  • Web: http://melodylamb…
  • Bio: Artist, award winning illustrator, & stay @ home working mom. I paint miniatures (ACEOs) of animals & fantasy, plus illustrate childrens books. I tweet A LOT!

Robert is a professional artist who’s important works are in private and public collections. He is a very popular artist on Twitter.

  • Name: RobertGirandola
  • Location: Pennsylvania
  • Web: http://robertgira…
  • Bio: Internationally acclaimed artist working in Paint, Sculpture and Mixed Media. Significant pieces in both public and private collections.

Sian Lindemann
Sian is a big promotor of the arts via social media. She is an artist and and art manager with over 30 years of experience and can be seen regularly of Twitter and Facebook.

  • Name: Sian Lindemann
  • Location: The World
  • Web: http://sian-linde…
  • Bio: Artist / Designer ~ Artist Management ~ Promotion ~ Events ~ Creative Business Development ~ and now Custom Floral Design

Please stay tuned for the upcoming #PowerArtists Interviews!

PS. Are YOU a #PowerArtist? If you think you are or know somebody who deserves recognition, please leave a comment for consideration! This is an ongoing series geared to inspire others….thank you, ~Lori 🙂
***The #PowerArtists series is inspired by the Huffington Post Twitter Powerhouses series of articles created by Sean Gardner aka @2morrowknight. Thank you Sean, for your blessing and inspiration!


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