Art has been said to be an expression of both hope and despair. This holiday season, as Americans struggle to find comfort in the aftershock of a year filled with unthinkable tragedies – Art offers us opportunities to heal.

Scientific studies prove that art heals by changing a person’s physiology and attitude. This change improves a person’s perception of their world.
Both beautiful art and music are known to create a positive, healing physiology on a cellular level that instantly changes the immune system. Art helps people cope with difficulties and creates hope that transforms a person’s outlook of the world.
Art in all its forms is the universal language. Art reaches across borders and connects the world. Great Art stirs the imagination, causing us to pause, think and reflect. Art allows our minds to escape into childlike wonder.

Paintings are windows to the imagination...

The Arts allow both the creator and the viewer a welcome distraction from their pain, and suffering. The positive healing that is gained from the Arts in all its forms creates a ripple effect that reaches outward.

ripple During this challenging time for my fellow Americans, I am grateful to be both an artist and a blogger. I choose to paint positive, peaceful imagery and share encouraging, uplifting words – helping and healing the world in my own small way.

This holiday season, I am reflecting on family, and friends. Thank you for being a part of the family. I wish you a peaceful Christmas and/or holiday season. ~Lori
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