Awww….the joys of blogging…
My handy little ‘Retweet’  button by has reset itself back to ZERO!!!
That means there is no trace of the many past ‘Retweets’ that you all have made while sharing my posts on Twitter. It is not the ‘end of the world’ although I am frustrated because – I loved my ‘Retweet’ button count!
So, let me give all you Artists/Bloggers a ‘heads-up’ on WHY this happened to me and hope it doesn’t  happen to you:

  • I read many pro-blogging sites for information. Recently I read a helpful post, 20 Common Mistakes Made By New Bloggers (Believe it or not, I have only been blogging and Tweeting for a year now.)
  • I was feeling pretty good until I got to #4:
    • 4. Not using permalinks for your posts
      In case you don’t know what a permalink is, it’s the link to the actual page for a specific post. How many times have you clicked on a link for a post, but it just takes you to the home page and then you have to find that particular post? That happens to me a lot. Again, you don’t want to inconvenience your readers, use permalinks so your readers don’t have to do all that work.
  • After reading this I realized that my individual page URLs were not properly optimized for SEO purposes.
    • WordPress’ default format for my permalinks were:
    • This form of permalink is not very user-friendly, and they won’t rank well in search engines
    • If yours are like this, change them!
  • This was all a bit ‘above my head’ so I contacted my webmaster, Cory to make the needed changes to my permalinks.
  • Now I use the current most popular structure of permalinks is date-based. It looks like this:
  • Great! Except, then I noticed my ‘Retweet’ button count was reset to ZERO on ALL of my posts.
  • I contacted this is the message I got:
    • Hi Lori,
      We never delete button counts, you will find however that they will return to 0 if you have changed the URL that is used.  I suspect that you have recently added either an seo tool or changed your permalink structure, or you have an archive facility that changes the permalink URL.
      Reset your permalink to what it used to be and your button count will go back to what it was.  We store the count against the permalink url.
      Many thanks
      Community Manager
  •  Now I have the choice to go back to my old URL structure with less SEO power and optimum or keep it the way it is and literally start back at zero or delete Tweetmeme off of my site. I am still deciding what to do…

So, if you have a favorite article, please give it a ‘Retweet’ and/or a comment for me ! I really do like the Retweet button and I recommend it to you. Just make sure your permalinks are optimized BEFORE you start using that button!
If you made it through this article, then I suggest you read 5 Reasons Why Artists Need Social Media & Eye Opening Stats to Back it Up! (Until that darn button reset, this was one of my best tweeted articles…)
And if you didn’t get enough of this permalink stuff – I highly recommend reading > Permalink Optimization by Webmaster Source (it IS actually interesting even for an artist, like me!)
  Happy Blogging ~Lori

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