juicy red grape oil paintThroughout the years on my own artistic journey, I have learned a lot from watching other artists paint. Not all of us have the opportunity to see a live demonstration by a master artist, so a great step-by-step painting demo is the next best thing.

Oil Painters of America Master artist, Jeff Legg graciously shares his simple yet compelling oil painting in progress with us. Many years ago, I had the opportunity to watch Jeff paint in person. I really enjoyed watching the still life subject come to life as he masterfully wielded his paint brush.
Recently, I reconnected with Jeff on Facebook. I really want to encourage you to use Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and art blogs as great resources to further your artistic knowledge for free! I have connected with so many interesting people that have helped further my own art career. You can connect with many of us on FineArtTips Fan Page.
I am so glad you stopped by here for to see Jeff’s demonstration and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!
Bringing the Still Life to Life: A Painting Demo by Master, Jeff Legg

still life painting blue pot

Placement and beginning light and shadow.

A bit of background and overall shape of grapes.

More background and more definition of shadow shapes.

still life painting

Here I darkened the background and repainted the lighter area of background around grapes and bird feeder. Also added more red into the grapes and added more paint to the table top near the edge. I also worked on the leaves a bit adding more impasto in the lightest lights.

Added grape stem and some grape highlights. Also added a bit of orange peel to the right of grapes for balance and a continuation of the yellow/orange color.

©2011 Jeff Legg “Winter Dragon” 8″ x 10″ oil on linen (color corrected)

A touch of impasto to the leaf stem and added some “blush” to the grapes. Made the highlights on the grapes a bit crisper making sure they are not all equal in emphasis. Added the blue design to the bird feeder. Slightly darker under the tables edge.


Jeff Legg’s artwork is represented by some of the nation’s most distinguished galleries coast to coast. The great masters, Chardin, Rembrandt, and more contemporarily the Wyeths are among his artistic influences. His use of chiaroscuro and subject matter engage fellow artists and collectors world wide. His paintings have been featured in The Artists Magazine, North Light books, Southwest Art, Art of the West, Western Art Collector and American Art Collector magazines.

*Thank you, Jeff! I know this little demo will be very inspiring to others. I really appreciate you sharing it here. ~Lori


If any of my readers have a great little art tip, social media advice or some inspiration you would like to share, please submit it here! I can’t do all of this without your help….thanks for your support. Oh, and please leave comments. We learn so much from each other! ~Lori

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