artist paint brushesKeeping our paintbrushes in good working condition is not only important to the artist’s productivity in the studio, but it is also important to the artist’s pocketbook! Paintbrushes are expensive.

Nevertheless, sometimes we get rushed, or even lazy, and the end up with ‘hard to clean’ paint brushes.  Below is a quick tip to cleaning hardened acrylic paint from your brushes. I plan to give this one a try… ~Lori

Clean Paintbrushes With This Quick Tip

by Guest artist/author: Virginia Nickle
I have found an easy way to clean up my paintbrushes that have left over, hardened paint in the bristles. Now, I do work with acrylics, so I really couldn’t tell you the results with oils.
I had a bottle of nail polish remover, so I tried it, and to my findings it does work well. Now I can use my paint brush again!

cutex nail polish remover

Just do not make a mistake of adding water to this chemical, it does create a vapor which could be dangerous. Just use the remover by itself, and it will work for  you. Once airborne for a while, and after the brushes are dried, the remover smell should be gone.
old paint brushes

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