Each time I travel to plein air painting events, I find it difficult to safely dry my wet paintings, until now!

Here’s the interesting story of how one clever artist created a handy, beautifully designed invention for her fellow artist. On the go, or in the studio, the new Dryangle drying rack is the perfect solution for artists.

Dryangle: Handy Plein Air Painting Drying Rack

Dryangle: Handy Plein Air Painting Drying Rack

When I’m traveling on a painting trip, I need a place to store my paintings in the hotel room, especially if I’m sharing a room with another person or two.  I need something that is strong, durable, light weight, folds flat, easy to use and affordable. I’ve tried several methods but nothing worked well so I set out to design the perfect drying rack for my wet paintings.  

After 6 different prototype designs I finally created the perfect solution.  The Dryangle.

Its Strong!

Made of a very durable material, the Dryangle has a simple sleek triangle design that makes it strong enough to hold several paintings up to 16” tall.  Its durable enough to withstand the beating of the inside of a suitcase or backpack.

 Dryangle: Handy Plein Air Painting Drying Rack
Its Lightweight!

The Dryangle is made of a very light weight material.  A set of Dryangles only weighs 4oz so you don’t have to worry about it adding weight to your suitcase or backpack when flying.

It Folds Flat!

The Dryangle folds flat so it wouldn’t take up any space in your suitcase or painting gear.

Dryangle: Handy Plein Air Painting Drying Rack

IMG_3983Its Easy to Use!

  • The design of the Dryangle couldn’t be any simpler and easy to use.  Just fold along the fold lines and insert tabs.
  • There is a Dryangle for panels and one for 3/4” canvases.
  • Dryangles aren’t just for traveling.  Many artists have ordered several sets because they are perfect for storing paintings in your studio or using them to display your work at an art show.

Dryangle: Handy Plein Air Painting Drying RackGuest Artist/Author: Debra Latham is the inventor of the Dryangle and fine art painter. To see her work go to DebraLatham.com or RedPaletteStudio.com.  You can contact her at debra@dryangle.com or debra@debralatham.com. For more info or to order your Dryangles go to: Dryangle.com

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