Nowadays most of us use Facebook, and hopefully by now you have a business page. Recently, I learned an easy way to get more Facebook Page likes.

A Facebook Page is a great way to promote and grow our businesses, but getting new ‘likes’ can be frustrating at times. My artist friend, Jane Hunt has a popular Facebook Page for her art business. Jane showed me the following technique she uses to get more Facebook Page likes.

Step 1

First, from you Facebook Profile click the Facebook icon (the ‘F’) to the left of the search bar. You will get a dropdown menu.

Easy Way to Get More Facebook Page Likes1

Step 2

Look for your FB Page in the dropdown menu. Find your Facebook Page and click…

Easy Way to Get More Facebook Page Likes

Step 3

This will take you to your Facebook Page. Here is my Page, Lori McNee and Fine Art Tips below.

Easy Way to Get More Facebook Page Likes

Step 4

Next, find one of your popular posts that has ‘likes’ and comments. The left arrow below points to the number of ‘likes’ underneath the post. Click on the number of likes. A black box with a list of names will appear. Click again on the list of names.

Easy Way to Get More Facebook Page Likes

Step 5

This time, a white box will appear. This helpful box will show the names and profile pictures of each person who liked your post. Here you can invite your readers (who are not already following your Page) to ‘like’ your Facebook Page! This should help you get more Facebook Page likes.

Easy Way to Get More Facebook Page Likes

That’s It!

Give this easy way to get more Facebook Page likes a try!

…And for those of you who do not have a Facebook Page for your business, here are some major benefits of having a Facebook Page rather than just a Personal Profile.

Benefits of a Facebook Page:

  • A Facebook Page is better for business marketing which will help you reach your targeted audience
  • Marketing on Facebook starts with a Page.
  • Facebook Pages are quickly indexed by search engines like Google based on keywords.
    • SEO title: The name of your page.
    • Meta description: The name of your page plus the About description of your page.
    • H1: The name of your page.
    • Remember that the first 18 characters of a Facebook post serve as the meta description.
  • Better customization is available on Facebook Pages. Be sure and fill out the ‘About’ field.
  • Facebook Pages have ‘call to action’ buttons.
  • Facebook Pages have great analytics. Find out the post with best engagement, reach, what time to post, and more!
  • Use your Facebook Page to drive traffic to your website or blog.
  • A Facebook Page adds overall value to your brand!

Be sure and familiarize yourself with Facebook terms and guidelines when setting up your Page. Oh, and I’d love you to ‘like’ my Facebook Page! > Lori McNee and Fine Art Tips.  ~Lori 😉


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