Generally speaking, the life of an artist is a solitary profession. That’s one reason why Facebook is such a popular social hub for visual artists. It’s a great way to connect with others during our studio breaks.

Recently, I saw a fun post about famous artists and their pets. It inspired me to ask my Facebook Fine Art Tips friends to post pictures of their studio pets. But first, here are a few photos of famous artists and their pets…

David Hockney with his dachshunds, Stanley and Boodgie.
David Hockney with his dachshunds, Stanley and Boodgie.

Since the ancient cave paintings of horses and bison, animals have been inspiring artists. Today, pet cats, dogs, birds, and other animals continue to aid creativity with their beauty, humor, companionship.
Frida Kahlo and her pet deer, Granizo, 1939, photograph by Nickolas Muray

According to research, people are hardwired to be stimulated by, and respond to animals.Though we no longer exist in drastic survival scenarios, the connection between animals and people remains, animals trigger our emotions and creativity
Andy Warhol often painted his dogs Archie and Amso
Andy Warhol often painted his dogs Archie and Amso

Dutch artist, Jan Mankes’ self portrait with this pet owl

Below are some famous, and not-so-famous Facebook artists and their pets! It’s funny, not many posted images of themselves…just their pets! Click on their photos to find out more about each artist and to view their artwork. 😉
Desert Raven Art: This is Al with Roxy. Roxy has been Al’s art buddy for the past 6 years. She goes with him to his shop where he does his sculptures, and hand carved furniture. She talks about what’s going on in the shop dog report. Roxy loves to go and hang out in her special chair, and meet any new people who come to visit. She is positive they are all there to see her anyway. Sculpting dog…

Linda Blondheim: Studio Dog, Henry Blondheim (Frenchie) He is very serious about his job…It is a big responsibility. He goes with me out to paint too.

Carole Mayne: This blue jay and her buddy come to our back door every day for peanuts..when the door of my studio is open, rarely they have come in and looked around..once even walked all the way into the middle of our house. I loved it when she hopped onto my easel, then on my palette! They’ve been coming for 3 years, I guess you could call them pets!

Shanna Allen Kunz Hernandez: Lily, Lucy and Lizzy!

Kathryn Hansen: This is Coonie one of our foster kittens. He and his friend Nyan love to jump onto my drawing board…hard to get a lot drawn but they are soo adorable I rarely push them off!!

Dee Lee: My main doggie squeeze, Max (shh, don’t tell the others). It’s a little tough to get to work when he lays right there though!

Doug Hoppes: Here’s my two studio dogs (Fizz (left) and Willow (right)). When Fizz was younger, he used to love sleeping beside my easel. Willow likes to sleep on the top of the couch so that, every time I stepped back from the easel, her belly was in position for a belly-scratch. They have their own Facebook page.

Ken Newman Sculptures: Emma, my partner is with us 24/7 while Sculpting on the Road

Faith Taylor: Rover, the studio cat…. right after a cat nap, which usually lasts all day… How are the squirrels?

Renee Delight-La Torre: My studio and plein air painting companion Twill. She loves to be at my feet which is where she is now. Well, yes, the cello keeps me company too but not nearly as…

Marg Carspecken: No longer with us…but Nabiki sometimes *really* got interested in what I was working on! (cat table)

Victor Ritchey: Portrait Artist: Here’s a picture of my “Boyz” in my studio. As you can see Falkor, the West Highland is always beneath my Easle. Triton, the Jack Russell is either playing ball or watching TV (as shown here). That is the painting I’m doing of them in the background. (vic.ritchey) (westies)

Debbie Edgers Sturges: Annie in my studio! She loves hanging out at night when I am burning the midnight oil!

Lori and her pet cockatiel on her shoulder

Now, I better stop blogging so I can go walk my dogs! ~Lori
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