Why am I feeling blue in the studio?

I just had a successful gallery show and sold a lot of paintings in spite of the slump in the economy.
I am grateful for my successes, but I still feel letdown, grumpy and just plain, blah!  And worst of all – I can’t seem to drag myself back into the studio to paint.  I don’t want to face those blank canvases!

Maybe it is that typical, self induced artistic temperment we all suffer or indulge in from occasionally.  So what’s going on with me?

The truth is I have been suffering from the Post Exhibition Blues – a common and curable phenomenon among us artists.   We as artists are riven to create and when we have an exhibition or gallery show stronger than ever.  Months or even years of hard work, sacrifice, isolation, discipline, time money and expectations come to a grinding halt when our artist’s reception is over.

No more hype, no more glamour and glory, no more fans or even worries about what to wear to the gallery reception – it’s all over.

So how do I combat feeling blue?

  • Count my blessings – yes this is a good reality check and it works
  • Take some time off and spend it with family
  • Reconnect with friends
  • Read a good book
  • Take a trip – even any easy road-trip
  • Talk to your gallery director and get some feedback
  • Try another creative outlet – I knitted a scarf
  • Update your website
  • Blog
  • You can add your own ideas to this list.

In my opinion, the bottom line is this:

We as artists put a lot of pressure on ourselves.  Artists are self-starters and self-motivators.  We are used to pulling all-nighters, skipping meals and cramming before a big show.  Running on adrenaline, caffeine (hopefully that’s all) and good music keeps us going.   Many artists are under appreciated, under payed and misunderstood.  A much anticipated gallery reception or exhibition is the main way we show the world who and what we really do while we are in our studios.  So it’s no wonder we have the blues when it’s all over.

I am not a ‘shrink’, but this adivce has helped me!

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