Go Solvent-free with Lori McNee and discover the benefits of painting with water mixable oil color by Royal Talens!

After many years in the making, I am pleased to announce the release of my new exclusive Cobra Oil, “Lori McNee Special Edition Set by Royal Talens. This solvent-free set of Cobra Water Mixable oil colors includes the exact palette I use on a daily basis!

This split primary palette includes a cool and warm pigment from each of the primary colors. You can mix a multitude of colors from this simple array of tubed oil paints. Perfect for studio works, plein air painting, still life, figurative work and more!

©2020 Lori McNee, “Sanctuary” 24×36, oil on canvas

Colors include:

105 Titanium White, 207 Cadmium Yellow Lemon, 211 Cadmium Orange, 303 Cadmium Red Light, 389 Madder Lake, 504 Ultramarine, 511 Cobalt Blue, 619 Permanent Green Deep, 227 Yellow Ochre, 378 Transparent Oxide Red.

Product features:
  • Paint in traditional oil techniques without the need for toxic solvents
  • Perfect for Plein Air Painting (only use water!)
  • Professional Artist Quality
  • Fully Lightfast pigments (100 years plus in museum conditions)
  • Lower environmental and health impact due to exclusion of solvents in your painting process

Purchase Now $124.95 

Enjoy the benefits of painting with water mixable oil color by Royal Talens. The new Cobra Oil “Lori McNee Special Edition Set” is now exclusively available hereGo Solvent-Free with Lori McNee!!

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