Hello friends. In case you have been wondering about me this week…I am on a painting trip in sunny Arizona. I brought my trusty little travel laptop with hopes of blogging while on the road, however the Internet service has been spotty and unrealiable. Now, to make matters even worse – I just dropped and broke my laptop!!!
I have been dreaming of buying  a new iPad II and now it looks like I will get my wish sooner than I expected.
Anyway, I have lots of great painting tips and new blog posts to share with you all, starting next week. Thanks for your continued support and patience while I am ‘off the grid’. This is just a quick note to keep you all posted.
Until then…happy painting & creating!
~Lori 🙂
PS. I hope you will join me  on my Facebook FineArtTips page where you can learn more about my Arizona trip and share ‘what’s on your easel’ with me…and I hope you meet me on Twitter!

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