Did you know there is a direct relationship between happiness, health and gratitude? Gratitude has a positive, measurable effect on your happiness and health.

“Gratitude simply consists of being happy with what we already have instead of always focusing on what we don’t have.”

A grateful heart is a healthier heart. Researchers at the University of Connecticut found that gratitude can even have a protective effect against heart attacks. Also, according to PsychologicalToday.com, regular practice of gratitude can change the way our brain neurons fire into more positive automatic patterns.
The positive and grateful emotions we feel can soothe distress and broaden our thinking patterns so we develop a larger and more expansive view of our lives. This broadened view will create a positive affect on your personal happiness, which in turn will have a positive affect on our creativity and art business.
I am so grateful for your continued support of FineArtTips.com and me!
Here are a few of my favorite quotes for this Thanksgiving…
Happy Thanksgiving,

thanksgiving Oprah quote
Thanksgiving quote

Thanksgiving quote

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