happy birthdayThis week marks the third anniversary of FineArtTips.com, so I want to take a moment to thank you all – my readers, guest bloggers, and friends, for your support as my art blog celebrates a happy birthday.

I started blogging, back in February 2009, as a way to give back to my art community. During this time I was recovering from an ‘icky’ divorce, I was almost an empty nester, and our small resort town was facing an economic slump – a lot of life changes were happening all at once.
Nevertheless, I have always believed that ‘you can’t receive with a closed fist‘, so during this tough time in my life I felt that it was important for me to give back in someway. As a working artist, blogging was a perfect opportunity for me to share my artistic knowledge, and my art with other artists and art enthusiasts.
However, I had no idea how much this new blogging venture would bless my life…
Through blogging I discovered social media, and have made so many wonderful friends and valuable connections. I have overcome my fear of public speaking, as I now give webinars and keynote addresses. My paintings have steadily sold during a tough art market, and I have even expanded my gallery representation. I have been featured in many national and international blogs, and publications, including the Huffington Post, Artist’s Magazine, Wildscape Magazine. I now edit for high profile bloggers, and have been writing for books including, Zero to 100,000: Social Media Tips & Tricks for Small Businesses, the 2012 & 2013 Artist’s & Graphic Designer’s Market, as well as the Photographer’s Market books. I am also happy to report that FineArtTips.com has received nearly 1,000,000 page views, according to Google Analytics.
I don’t mention all of this to be boastful; rather I hope you find this story inspiring. Yes, all of this takes a lot of time and effort, but the rewards have outweighed the hard labor.
There is so much to be learned, and FineArtTips.com still has a lot of growing to do – and I could not do it without you! If you took time to read this post, I send you a virtual (((hug))) because you are the reason I am blogging!
Thank you for caring to read and for you valuable comments about my art, art tips and social media advice, through my journey as a professional artist.
lori mcnee plein air artist with hatHappy creating! ~Lori 🙂
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