Tonight was the first full moon of 2010 which was the biggest and brightest full moons of the year, some are calling it a ”supermoon.”
The spectacular moon is closer in orbit than usual at this time of year. So much so, that it is 14 percent wider and 30 percent brighter than normal.
After reading this information from the Huffington Post late tonight, I decided not to miss out – even though it was already one-in-the-morning and only 20 degrees outside (balmy for this time of year)! I grabbed my good friend, my down coat, my point-and-shoot camera (please excuse the amatuer night photos!) and gathered my small herd of dogs for a moonlit walk – never mind the recent mountain lion sightings in my neighborhood…

It was magical. The ‘high moon’ hung over us surrounded by a swirling halo of dissipating clouds. I couldn’t help but think of Van Gogh – he would have been inspired by this scene.

(Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh)

Nights like this are some of the reasons why I live in the Rocky Mountains. The crisp snow underfoot, the brisk night air, and the hushed silence of the untamed mountains lit by a ‘supermoon’.

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