There is strong evidence that supports Leonardo da Vinci’s use of Sacred Geometry, also known as the Golden Ratio or Golden Number, while creating the Mona Lisa.

Last spring, I learned about the use of the Golden Ratio when I took a painting workshop from the very accomplished painter, Michael Workman. Understanding the elements of scared geometry will help elevate and enhance your own artistic compositions.
Besides the Mona Lisa, the Golden Number 1.61803398874989… was used in the planning and construction of religious structures as well as for sacred spaces. Apparently, da Vinci methodically laid out his composition before he started to paint in order to align his model while using a camera obscura or camera lucida as suggested by David Hockney.
In the future, I plan to post an in-depth article on the subject of the Golden Ratio. Until then, I hope you enjoy this interesting look at the mysterious creation on the Mona Lisa where you will learn how to analyze da Vinci’s compositional process.

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