From time to time, it happens to most creative people – the curse of artist’s block. We face the blank canvas, our creativity hits a wall, plateaus, or lacks motivation. I have a number of different ‘tricks’ to help me get out of a creative rut, but recently Pinterest really helped.

Source: via Lori on Pinterest

Somewhat controversial among artists and photographers, Pinterest is a very handy social bookmarking site that keeps all of my inspirations in one visual place – or, pin board. My favorite pin board is, “Art that Inspires Me”. 

Earlier this winter I felt daunted by the amount of paintings I must create for my two upcoming spring gallery exhibitions. I felt like a deer in the headlights, and I didn’t know where to start! Then while mindlessly clicking through Pinterest, I came upon a beautiful, subtle painting by the Dutch artist Jan Mankes (1889-1920). I had never seen this man’s work before… it took my breath away and suddenly I was inspired!  Thank you Pinterest! 😉

Source: via Lori on Pinterest

During his short lifetime of 30 years, Jan Mankes produced approximately 200 restrained, detailed works which ranged from self portraits to landscapes and studies of birds and animals. But like me, he loved birds.

Inspired by the spirit of Jan Mankes, I effortlessly painted a new series of paintings. “Watchtower – American Kestrel” was the first I completed. It is important for me to evolve as an artist, and we can all learn from the others who came before us.

american kestrel lori mcnee

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