How to Boost Creativity in Your Home Office or StudioWhile you may not always be inspired, the designs, colors and decorations that surround you can help stimulate and boost your creativity.

If you’re an artist of any kind, your workspace should be comfortable—aesthetically pleasing, highly functional and business savvy. Also, privacy is important. Every artist, or writer needs a room of one’s own, as Virginia Woolf famously advised. With a little effort, you can easily design an appealing work environment to bolster your creativity. Here’s how…

Flowers and Greenery

Plants and flowers can literally breathe new life into your office space and evoke feelings of positivity. If you don’t have a green thumb, you can still add a touch of nature to your work area. Modern terrariums, silk flowers, bamboo shoots, or a beautiful orchid can bring character and love to your room.

Wall Art

You’ll probably spend at least eight hours each day working in your home office or studio. Wall art can inspire creativity when you capture images that lift your mood the moment you enter the room. Whether it’s a portrait, city backdrop or painted ocean view, wall art can enliven the ambiance throughout your work space. You can also have the pictures artistically framed to match and complement the colors and shapes within the pieces of art.

Dim the Lights

Research shows that darkness promotes creativity because it brings a sense of freedom from constraints, which lowers inhibition. The study showed that dim lighting sends a visual message that enables the imagination to run free.

Psychologist Elaine Aron, author of “The Highly Sensitive Person,” found that artistic people are more sensitive to light, noise and other stimuli from the environment. Therefore it makes sense that creative people can get their best work done in a dim room free from distractions.

Colors and Shades

The right color scheme can inspire relaxation and creativity. If your work requires significant mental clarity, paint your room a cool shade of blue or sage. To increase calm and a sense of organization, you’ll want to move toward earth-toned accent walls that include chocolate, tan or deep gray. If you’re looking to retain a sense of happiness and energy, upbeat colors of lemon, raspberry or turquoise can bring pleasure.

Personalized Pictures

Pictures of family, pets, and friends can be pleasant reminders that will help keep you motivated and creative throughout your busy day. If you lack wall or desk space, you’ll find digital frames a great way to rotate a lifetime of memories.

Good Energy

A popular technique that many use for inspiration and creativity is feng shui, a Chinese system that supposedly brings well-being to those who live in a harmonious environment. According to this ancient art, you can reap far more business rewards when you place your desk facing the door instead of a window. Whether you believe in the principles of feng shui or not, much of it makes common sense.

Mirrors can be strategically placed to “open up” a room, and irritating noises such as chair squeaks and wobbly tables can be masked with soothing noises of the ocean or rain falling. This practice of setting up your living space to create “good energy” can be utilized with some simple adjustments.

Whether your work space is a sunny studio or set up in a dim, spare bedroom, you will benefit from an inviting setting, filled with your own personal warmth. It’s important to design your home work environment with aesthetic qualities that bring pleasure, inspiring creativity and success


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