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Each day, as part of my art blogging and painting routine, I either go to the gym, hike a big mountain, ski down a mountain, or jog with my dogs. So, why have my jeans been getting tighter and tighter on me lately?

Please pardon my French, but I just realized that I am in the beginning stages of the dreaded blogger’s butt!
Once referred to as ‘secretary’s seat’, blogger’s butt is much less prejudice as it does not discriminate against gender, sexual orientation, race or religion. All it needs is a sedentary seat in which to grow!

The Urban Dictionary defines blogger’s butt as, Weight gain in the gluteal region which is directly related to spending large amounts of time blogging.

But is gets worse! According to Mashable.com, if you’re reading this, chances are you’re sitting down, which means you’re probably digging yourself an early grave (see the infographics below)! Modern people have something in common: we sit all the time. Computer-based work has done great things for productivity, but it has done terrible things for our health and waist lines.
In my past life, I use to be a personal trainer and an aerobics instructor and exercise is still an important part of my daily routine. I like to live a healthy life and take time to clear my head before I get to my easel or computer. Nevertheless, after reading the infographics at the end of this post, I was convinced that exercise just isn’t enough!
Aidata PopDesk standup computer desk
Here’s how I am combating blogger’s butt and more:

  • Aside from abandoning this blog as a second career (being an artist is number one), I decided that the best solution to my ‘problem’ is a stand-up desk. So, I got on the Internet and researched the different options. There are many different styles from which to choose, but my favorite one adjusts in height.
  • For a reasonable $99.95 with free shipping, I bought the Aidata PopDesk. It has a single lever that adjusts the desk on a gas cylinder pole from 28″ to 38″ H (so you can sit or stand). It was easy to assemble and seems sturdy enough for me to lean on when I start feeling tired from standing – lol! In fact, I am blogging on it right now for the first time.
  • The next best thing to standing, is sitting on a resistance ball. My good friend and Twitter’s favorite exercise guru, Joyce Cherrier wrote an article for us, “The Healthy Artist, Tips to Stay that Way”. Joyce says, “One of the best ways to get in movement throughout your day while sitting is sitting on a resistance ball. Constantly readjusting to keep yourself balanced on the ball, the muscles of the core, pelvis, hips, and legs are being engaged. Many people report they have reduced back pain too.”

  • Yes, I will sit some each day while I paint and blog. But, I will interrupt that sitting whenever I can. It is best to take micro-breaks and walk around every half hour. Try a little stretching and lunging.
  • If I am stuck in a chair, I like to do some airplane exercises. Knee raises, ankle rotations, knees to chest, point and flex toes, back arch…etc.
  • Oh, and I just bought a pair of ‘Shape-up’ Sketchers (fitness sneakers) that I wear during the day while I stand and walk around. “Get is shape without setting foot in a gym…” ~Sketchers.
mac computer screen blogger
Here is my new stand up desk!

Now that you are aware of the hazards of sitting and blogging, please blog responsibly. ~Lori 😉
PS. I’d love to hear what YOU think….oh, and I hope to meet you on Facebook and Twitter!

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