Are you an artistic person who enjoyed art as a kid or maybe you took art classes in college, but you were discouraged away from it as a serious profession?

Maybe you are a frustrated or struggling artist who has to work a real job or you have children and no time to create.

Obviously, we all have rent or house payments and other bills to pay. So how does someone being to follow their dream of being an artist? Walt Disney explains, “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

Here is a list to help you get motivated and “jump start” your art career:

Get the creative juices flowing!

  • Take a painting or craft workshop
  • Start a sketchbook or journal. Carry it with you and make a few small drawings a day.
  • Watch an art demonstration on YouTube or on a DVD & paint along with it (hit the pause button when you need to!)
  • Find a small corner of the living room, kitchen or bedroom to work. I worked at my kitchen table for year. I know a professional artist who paints in her bathroom!
  • Get up an hour earlier or stay up an hour later!
  • Make creative time a habit. Just like you make time to exercise, make time to create!
  • Think big, but start small. Begin just twice a week, then you can add more studio time as you progress.

Now it’s time to develop your own style and artistic voice!

  • Do you prefer oils, acrylics, pen & ink, egg tempera, graphite, digital painting, ceramics, etc…???
  • Look for consistency of style and technique in your artwork
  • Start producing finished, frame-worthy pieces of art.


Ready for the ‘big-time’!


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