Recently, I was asked to chat with artist John T. Unger about art marketing on his popular Art Heroes Radio talk show. Art Heroes Radio features conversations every Thursday evening with established and upcoming artists, creative professionals and experts in related fields.
Originally John and I planned to do a two part show focusing on video marketing for artists as well as selling art on Facebook, but decided that Facebook would need more than half a show to cover. As a result, this week’s show is shorter than usual but extremely targeted on using video to promote art.
During our conversation, we used the bullet list from my post How Artists Can Use YouTube Video to Improve Marketing as a starting point, but included quite a bit of other materials as well.
Please click on this link & enjoy our interesting conversation! >

How to Use Video to Promote Your Art Online & in Galleries, a Conversation with Lori McNee

Each episode is available free as streaming audio or down-loadable podcast.
My thanks to John for including me on Art Heroes Radio! Lori 🙂

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