laminall hardboard masonite panel

Save money and learn how to make your own professional looking hardboard panels. In this video demonstration, I will show you just how easy it is.

I learned how to easily mount linen or canvas on hardboard last month while painting with master artist, T. Allen Lawson.
The supplies you will need: 

  1. A hardboard panel, cut to the desired size.
  2. A piece of linen or canvas, cut to the size of the hardboard panel. Leave about 1/4 inch edge for trimming after board is adhered.
  3. Lamin-All. Lamin-All is an effective adhesive often used in mounting photographic paper. It may be used dry and heat mounted. It really adheres the linen to the panel and keeps the edges glues down.
  4. A utility knife.
  5. An iron on a low setting for the heat mounting.
  6. A brush, sponge brush or roller.
  7. An old sheet, or other piece of thin fabric or paper.
  8. Protective gloves.
  9. Fresh air!

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My friend, artist *Marc Hanson had a helpful tip to add: “I’d add one addendum to your explanation, that’s after using gallons of Laminall and an iron or dry mount press to adhere linen to boards. IF it’s an oil primed linen, watch the heating of the surface. If you get it too hot you can essentially ‘melt’ the oil primer making it very slick and not nice to apply paint to. My recommendation is to use the minimal amount of heat/time to adhere the linen. Just don’t over heat.” ~Marc Hanson

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