When I first began on Twitter in March 2009, my main focus was to attract readers to my fledgling Fine Art Tips blog. My target niche was artists and art collectors.

To my surprise, my tweets and blog posts began to capture the attention of a much broader audience.

  • My Twitter updates have an appeal that reaches beyond my own art niche market.
  • Although I tweet about art, I have avoided falling into the trap of over focusing on my target niche audience!


  • I am able to reach beyond my art readers by understanding that most people have broad interests.
  • Using myself as an example:
    • I am an artist, but I am also a mother, a blogger, a photographer, a quote junkie, animal lover, outdoors woman, bird watcher, skier
    • well, you get the idea!
  • Not only do I tweet about art, but I also share my other interests.
    • In fact, this blog post you are currently reading has been geared to not only help artists, but others outside of my niche…

Now I understand the importance of creating interesting content and posting it onto Twitter and my blog. I have also learned the importance of a clever title that reaches beyond my niche.
I am really lucky, because within my art niche there are many topic subcategories, such as: oil painting, watercolor, acrylic, art marketing, art collecting, Twitter tips, color theory and so much more!
Not only can I attract my own niche readers, but I can appeal to multiple audience profiles while staying true to my target audience.
There is a little formula or ‘equation’ that is used for blogging, but can be used for Twitter and applied toward any niche market – not just art! But, I will use my “Fine Art Tips” blog for an example:
First think of your niche + the people possibly interested in your niche = how your article will help your reader & you
ART + Art Enthusiasts = “Graffiti: Vandalism or Art?” or “Andy Warhol & Nature”
ART + Twitter = “Brand Yourself as an Artist on Twitter” (tips for any niche)
ART + Travel = “Maui’s Diverse Art Scene” or “Painting & Playing in Provence”or “My Tour de France – Paris”
ART + Motivation = “Overwhelmed in the Studio or Office? Check Your Work Habits” or “Attitude – It’s Your Choice”
ART + Outdoor Enthusiasts = “Survival Tips for the Outdoor Painter & Enthusiast”or “A Brush with Danger – Painting in the Backcountry”
ART + Museum Lovers = “A Day at the Louvre” or “A Day with the Impressionists”
ART + Home Decorators, Designers = “Hang Your Artwork Like A Pro” or “Use The Hidden Meaning of Color”
ART + Design & Photography = “Improve Art & Design with the Rule of Thirds”
ART + Photography = “Top 10 Photo Reference Tips for Artists”


All of the above examples have helped my blog reach beyond my art niche and access new demographics. When your readers learn something new or find something of value to them, they will most likely become return visitors and potential customers.
Although I do not profess to be a marketing expert, I do have a natural ‘knack’ for sales and marketing within my own niche . . . As of the date of this posting, Fine Art Tips is under a year old and still has much work to do. But stay tuned, I have many more upcoming blog posts ‘up my sleeve’ to help reach beyond my niche on Twitter and Fine Art Tips.
Take a moment and try to apply the same formula to reach new readers and prospective customers on Twitter, Facebook and your blog. Leave a comment and let me know how it works for you.
Happy Tweeting, Lori


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