Most online artists use Twitter, Facebook and other forms of Social Media in order to build their brand identity, and to drive traffic to their website and galleries in hopes of selling their art. But, selling art through Social Media is tricky and puzzling to many.

Selling art on Twitter can be done. I have personally proven this by selling a few small paintings through @140hours, the first Twitter online art auction.
But, how does the individual artist use Twitter to tastefully sell his or her own art and most importantly, how does the gallery represented artist keep from competing for sales with his or her own gallery? Thinking Outside the Frame, my talented artist friend, Brian Kliewer has a plan:

  • Brian will be holding an Online Art Show!
  • The ‘Show’ dates are June 9th-23rd
    • If you can’t “attend” the reception, you can still catch the show on his website.
  • The show title is “Of Flesh and Stone” and will feature small oil paintings of people/figures and cemetery angels.
  • All paintings will be 6×8 or smaller.
    • Want to see original paintings larger than 6 x 8″?  Please contact the galleries listed on Brian’s website or contact Brian for more information.
  • All paintings will be for sale.
  • Each will also be framed and Brian will be including shipping and handling in the price.

Brian believes in keeping his art offerings short and sweet. One of the hardest things to do with a website is to keep it fresh.  Using this approach, Brian hopes to keep his website vibrant and as active as possible.
In preperation for his big auction, Brian has been updating his site over the next couple of weeks and sending notices via email.  None of the paintings, however, will be available for purchase prior to the show opening.  He believes this seems to be the fairest  approach. Good luck, Brian!


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Let’s connect on Twitter, Facebook & YouTube!
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