virgin islands snorkeling Hello from paradise!

Last Friday, my family and I flew down for our annual trip to the US Virgin Islands where we like to thaw out from the slushy, snowy mountains.

However, the sun has been playing tricks on us, and it has been raining the majority of the time since we have arrived!
virgin island palm trees
We even witnessed a big waterspout (a tornado that starts in the water) that came on shore, lifted beach umbrellas 40 feet into the air, and sent the screaming tourists running for cover.

water spout

(you can see two small water spouts starting to form in the right of this photo)

The locals say that this is really unusual weather for springtime – the dry season. Nevertheless, we are not going to let a little rain spoil our fun or dampen our spirits, for it’s just another wet day in paradise!
Look how beautiful Tuesdays morning was…notice the big cloud rolling in!

virgin island ritz carlton

Enjoying my time offline, it sure feels good to unplug a bit! 
I’ve been snorkeling, relaxing, plein air painting (stay tuned for a post about that), taking nature walks, photographing, and allowing myself to wander.
The weather is suppose to improve, so I hope to get some more fun pictures and painting studies done soon.
Meanwhile, here are a few pictures that I’ve taken this week…
These islands are teaming with wildlife. I have even seen white tail deer here and on St. John before!
Did you know that iguanas love to climb trees? This big iguana tried to sneak up on this cute little bananaquit bird – luckily, he flew away!

banana kwit iguana

Some of the iguanas are a brightly colored. This flashy big boy was territorial, so I didn’t want to get too close. Plus, I’ve heard iguanas love to nibble on red polished toenails!


Here is the view from my room…not bad!
beach view paradise

Just like the tourists, this big toad was enjoying sunning himself during a break from the rain.


After a long, cold and white winter, I always enjoy seeing colorful flowers. The plumeria trees are especially pretty and are in full bloom right now.

plumeria flowers

I have been plein air painting some, but I hope to do more as the weather improves. Until then, I hope you all are enjoying your spring break or autumn…whereever you are!

plein air painting

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