Lately I’ve become so busy, I find myself running out of time, living in the future and not enjoying the NOW.

Rushing, planning and racing from task to task is an uninspiring and stressful way to live – and I know better.
That’s why I am slowing down and enjoying NOW.
Time is an illusion, and it keeps hardworking people all stirred-up and from the ‘now’. But ironically, the present moment is all we assuredly have. If we get out of our ego centered minds, it  reminds us that every moment of life is a miracle!
While living in the NOW, we do have time to make room for our art, writing and other creative endeavors. Our drifting thoughts that flit like a butterfly from flower to flower, and our tendencies to take the path of least resistance will be quieted in the NOW.
“If not now, then when” is a Zen way of saying –  just do it!
The time is NOW and by putting something off, is there ever going to be a right time to actually go ahead and do it?
Motivational speaker, Eckhart Tolle explains, “Say “yes” to life – and see how life suddenly starts working for you.”
I am focusing on enjoying my time, moment by moment. For this Monday’s Motivation let’s stop waiting – the time is NOW!