We can learn valuable lessons from our fellow artists who have achieved great success. I chose this quote for Monday’s Motivation because I totally agree with Reba! I will explain below…

Three Things Needed  To Succeed In Life

Three Things To Succeed In Life:

A Wishbone

Cinderella said it best, “A dream is a wish our heart makes.”.  Cinderella is referring to a metaphorical sense of desires that can, as the lyric promises, “come true”.  In this quote, I believe Reba is equating a wishbone to our dreams, goals and aspirations.
Within our hearts we can wish and dream of a better life for ourselves and our families. These dreams help us when times get rough. But, more powerful than that is the fact that we have the ability to pursue our dreams and the cognitive ability to actually map out strategies with goals to achieve our wishes and dreams.

 A Backbone

A synonym for the word backbone is fortitudeand its antonym is spinelessness.  A strong backbone gives us the ability, or fortitude of mind that enables us to encounter adversity with courage. All successful people, including artists need this quality in order to succeed. A backbone keeps us standing upright in the face of rejection and other hardships we creatives encounter on a daily basis. Having a strong backbone gives us strength during times of uncertainty.

A Funny Bone

According to Psychological Today, a good sense of humor is one of 24 characteristics associated with well-being. Humor offers  a new perspective on a situation, which helps us process it. Forbes explains that successful humor (not negative humor) boosts both personal productivity and group effectiveness.
Humor leads to laughter, and laughter is healthy! Laughter is a nature stress reliever, it also stimulates many organs and our hearts, enhances our intake of oxygen-rich air, and increases the endorphins that are released by our brains.
Personally, my dreams, fortitude and humor have helped me get through some of life’s tough times including divorce, rejection and stressful deadlines.
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