father's day quoteStill to this day, my dad is my biggest fan.

Over the years, both my mom and dad have encouraged the artistic spirit to grow within me. But, when others tired of my many daily questions, dad was always there to patiently answer and guide my interests.

Dad encouraged my love of nature, birds and animals. He taught me how to see the beauty in a humdrum day – to see the magic in the commonplace. He taught me not to pass negligently by the things that I love, but to stop and record them with a pencil or in paint.
dad holding baby

His own childhood is filled with memories and stories like that of Huckleberry Finn. Although not an artist, his imagination and vision has propelled Dad into a very successful business career.
I am proud of my dad for being the strong pillar (along with my mom) that helps hold up the foundation of our extended family.  Even now, Dad is there to support his children, and grandchildren with loving guidance. Dad is always there to help divert us from a wrong path and guide us toward the road to success and virtue.
Who is YOUR biggest fan???
Thanks for being my biggest fan and Happy Father’s Day, Dad – I love you! And, to all you loving dads out there…Happy Father’s Day! ~Lori
**PS. My dad does have artistic talent running through his family…Dad’s uncle was a protege of Picasso! During Picasso’s later years, my Great Uncle John McNee was a close friend and student of Picasso’s. Uncle John was a professor at the Department of Architecture and Art at the University of Illinois at Chicago from 1955-1977. Very talented in his own right but lacking in originality, Uncle John spent his whole career trying to paint like Picasso! But then again, Picasso told my Uncle, “Good artists copy, great artist steal!”

My Uncle John McNee painted, “Girl with Apples” in the 1950’s – you can see Picasso’s influence. Girl with Apples painting by John McNee