~A Bit of Gold~
Lori McNee

A Bit of Gold
Available at Kneeland Gallery

Each time I conceive an idea for a painting, I spend a lot of time creating the concept in my head. It might be the shape, color, or patterns of a vase or bird that spark an idea for a painting. At other times there is a hidden message that creates meaning for the painting.

“A Bit of Gold” was originally inspired by the antique Japanese Kutani vase (I bought on eBay!) with its gold flecking.  I was drawn to its graceful lines and fiery red glaze and delicate gold details.  I painted this during the autumn and chose a golden aspen branch to compliment the vase.

The Golden Crowned Kinglet is a lively little bird that  lives high in the forest canopy. I have been lucky enough at times to see them flitting above me in the aspen trees. This bird was with its little golden crown was the perfect choice for the concept of a ‘Bit of Gold’.


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